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BI 015: Blogcast FM with Srinivas Rao

Today we triple your pleasure and triple your fun. We will take a closer look at Blogcast FM. Srini interviews Tyrone Shum and Mayi (not Maya, sorry!) Carles. Tyrone goes into the benefits of outsourcing while Mayi speaks about her successful product launch. Love the accent!

Have any of you used a virtual assistant or successfully launched a product? Do tell!

If you want more information, visit the links below.

Blogcast FM with Srinivas Rao at http://blogcastfm.com

Outsourcing Live with Tyrone Shum at http://outsourcinglive.com

Life is Messy Bootcamp with Mayi Carles at http://lifeismessybootcamp.com


How He Built a YouTube Channel with Over 200,000 Views with Tyrone Shum

How Mayi Carles Sold 5,000 Copies of Her First Product

Stay Inspired!