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Graco Changing Table: Old Dog New Tricks

We all know how unhandy I am especially if we look at Identity Crisis or Self Improvement. Inspired by Hunter’s (Financially Consumed) Install Your Own Toilet and Save Money project, I stepped up to put together my baby’s changing table. Yes, I know. Don’t call me Bob Vila just yet, but in my world, this is a pretty big deal.

Follow Instructions

I think guys like to glaze over instructions. It’s in our wiring. But to make the assembly go smoothly, one should really take some time to go over the instruction manual. It was written up for a reason. There are usually helpful pictures that go along with the step by step procedures.

Look For Clues

Although a changing table is pretty straight forward. I did run into a little snag. Most of the rails had a channel for base boards. The top two rails were flushed so I couldn’t tell which way was up. Looking at the other rails, I noticed the nail was on the inside. To keep things consistent, I installed the top two rails in the same fashion.

Make It Fun

If you don’t enjoy Do It Yourself projects, putting a simple item together can be a chore and a pain. Try to have fun with it and let your imagination go. Just like a magician sliding blades into the mysterious box where the beautiful assistant is supposedly being sliced up. I did the same with my three base boards. Abracadabra!

Final Thoughts

By following instructions, looking for clues, and having fun with it, not only did I temporarily overcome my unhandiness, I also put my body and mind to work too. Amazing what a baby can do.

Stay Inspired!

Car Wash Or Self Wash

Over the long weekend, I decided to get the car washed. It was filthy and I had some time to kill since the poor Mrs. had to work. I usually take it to one of two places. A car wash joint down the street with an exterior only special or a gas station down the street with a car wash as part of their service station. The service station car wash is about five bucks while the exterior only special is six. I wanted to use my own elbow grease so I went to a self-service car wash.

Self-Service Car Wash

The sun was blazing as summer is upon us now. When I got there, I had to wait in line. Looks like others had the same idea. There were four rows. I sat behind a car that was being washed. You throw in two dollars worth of quarters for about 15 minutes of wash time. There is a dial that controls your options. There is a brush that pumps out foam, a hose that sprays engine and tire cleaner, and another hose that sprays wax and water. I’ve used this type of car wash before so I knew I had to speed through each section.

No Matter What

I told my buddies about my adventures. They used this wash before, but they often needed two cycles to get their car really clean. I told them no matter what, I was leaving after one cycle. They couldn’t stop laughing, thinking there’s no way I can get the entire car clean in one round. I guess I am the most frugal one of the bunch. The car is for transportation. It is not a show car. The car was looking a little dirty and I just needed to get some of that junk off. My buddies are both more into their cars then me. So once again, it’s all about priorities.

Final Thoughts

The heat was a little uncomfortable, but I actually had a good time rushing through the different cycles, using the foam brush, and spraying down the car. You should all try it. It’s pretty exhilarating working the high-pressure hose. I now understand the satisfaction one gets by doing it yourself. But don’t ask me to do any home improvement work as I am all thumbs. On top of that, I saved 60% compared to a service station wash. Can’t beat that!

Stay Inspired!