New Logos For Buck Inspire 2012

Hope everyone had a joyful and safe Christmas! As a gift to myself, my readers, and listeners, I decided to bring in the new year with a new logo. I’m trying to take myself to the next level and I’m hoping a new logo that is not the theme default will help do the trick. Are you trying to get to your next level? What are you doing to help get you there? Please help me, help you, by picking your favorite logo by leaving a comment below with top, middle, or bottom. Don’t be afraid to tell me why. Please get your votes in by Thursday, 12/29/11, or forever hold your peace.

Stay Inspired!

79 thoughts on “New Logos For Buck Inspire 2012”

  1. I think #1 is the winner. The second logo is a little to bright and doesnt really match your theme (in my opinion, for what its worth…) . Also, I think you could do without the reflection or make it not as deep, it does not have to be symmetrical as that takes up a lot of space and is not necessarily appealing to a readers eye… hope this helps

  2. I like the third one, with or without horns. The second one, with the backglow and the 3-d letters reminds me a bit of stuff I used to put together in power point when I was 12… but I really like the design of the bulb in the second one.

  3. I’m wondering if maybe the relationship between buck and horns isn’t apparent to non-Americans, since both SB and Aloysa have seemed puzzled by them. Maybe they are thinking buck as in dollar? Interesting.

  4. I like the bottom one the best. It grabbed my attention first. Plus the buck horns make you think of the “buck” in buck inspire.

  5. Not unusual, but I’m the odd guy here since I like the superhero look of the middle logo and I’m partial to blue. Otherwise, the top one is best since to me it displays more integrity and class.


  6. I really like the third one, it’s like a pun but with a picture (does that make sense?). I agree with Petra, it caught my attention and the antlers make me think about a buck.

  7. Its a tie between the first and the third. I like the first because of the illuminated letters, and I like the third because of the connection between antlers and buck….. If you had to put the light bulb in third logo on the first one, I would definitely go with the first one.

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