Linsanity Life Lessons

Can anyone have a better first week at work than New York Knick point guard, Jeremy Lin? Just when we heard the last of Tim Tebow, we are already hearing the comparisons. You know you’re doing something right if you’re being mentioned in the same breath of Tebowmania. If he can keep this up, Linsanity is even more impressive because he literally came out of nowhere, while Tebow had some clout coming out of Florida and being a Heisman winner.

You know I love underdog stories as I consider myself one too. (I referred to Rocky in my ProBlogger Guest Post Review.) It’s only a week long, but the new sensation sweeping the nation is heading to linsane levels. Did you see how he dismantled my hometown Lakers? I saw a hilarious sign, say hello to the Yellow Mamba! How many new nicknames does he have? Anyway, what can we learn from Mr. Lin?

Persistence Pays Off

Even though he was undrafted, played sparingly with the Golden State Warriors, spent some time in the D league, he never gave up. Even Kobe Bryant had to recognize this.

“He has been phenomenal. We watched some tape on him. We came up with a strategy that we thought would be effective but he was knocking down his jump shot, penetrating, and he got around our guards. It is a great story. It is a testament to perseverance and hard work. It is a good example to kids everywhere.”

Family Support

Another angle the media is taking on Lin is his current living situation. He has a couch in his brother’s place. It is funny that the starting point guard of the Knicks only has a couch to call his home, but what struck me was his family support system. His career was up in the air and he leans on his brother. In another interview, he said he tries not to let the hype get to him. He and his family are private people and he would much rather stay home and spend time with loved ones.

Seize Your Moment

Lin’s number was called and he sure is making the most of it. If you watch his highlights, he doesn’t shy away. He slashes to the basket, deftly sets up his teammates, and confidently knocks down long-range jumpers.

Stay Humble

It seems he is quite grounded and not letting his phenomenal success get to his head. He seems to build on every game and looking to improve every time out. This should bode well for him in the long run.

Final Thoughts

I’m sure none of you are up and coming basketball stars, but whatever path you are on, keep Jeremy Lin in mind when you want to give up on your dream. When the going gets rough, find comfort that your family and loved ones are there supporting and rooting for you. After your hard work produces your opportunity, make sure you go into full Carpe Diem mode. Who knows when your next door will open?

After seizing your moment and you are enjoying your success, don’t let it go to your head. If you keep improving your game and yourself, you should enjoy a long ride. When you buy into your own hype, it is the beginning of the end of your roller coaster ride. If Lin can keep this up, the world will be his oyster. I heard interviews from marketing experts that China and the NBA are stepping all over themselves to align with the next NBA global icon since Yao Ming. NBA it’s Lintastic!

Stay Linspired, I mean, Inspired! Ok I’ll stop. :)

33 thoughts on “Linsanity Life Lessons”

  1. Opportunities are all around us similar to a game. We have the ball and we can shoot, pass or just find a better position. What are you going to do? First you have to recognize you have an opportunity and then pursue it. It is no surprise that professional athletes adapt to other things like business very well. Business is like a game and we can succeed if we are ready.

      1. As a teacher, I am a coach! I am a money coach through blogging. As a parent, I am a coach. I realize that is not what you asked, but I am always coaching. My next career may be a life coach? Who knows!

  2. In every challenge that we take, Several factors must be considered in order to attain the goals that we aim. Learn from every challenge that we do, Failing is not about losing its a condition to become brighter.

  3. I really like the fact that not only his he humble he works hard and makes everyone else better. I goes out and uses the opportunity he was given and made the most of it. Instead of doing what so many do and complain he went to d-league and continued to work hard. Many of us just want things and expect to get them with hard work.

  4. 5’10″ former basketball player here (AAU glory days!) – the guy is good. I hate to toss it out there, but I wonder how much the fact he is an Asian American from the Bay Area affected his career prospects. Here’s a guy that was shunned by his local college (Stanford), and by every measure has excelled at every single level he has played.. Let’s not forget the fact that he has an Economics degree from Harvard – respect!

    I watched the Lakers game – the guy has great skills and somehow is incredibly humble. I can certainly see the Tebow comparison.

    1. Cool! You still play? I sometimes get a game in or two after work. Sadly stereotypes probably held him back. Can’t complain as this probably is the same reason Linsanity is so powerful. No one expected it!

      1. Your post was well timed Buck. Since you published this article Lin has been featured on the CNN homepage two days in a row…obviously following your lead.

        More importantly, by how many points will Indiana beat Northwestern tonight. BIG 10 is where it’s at.

  5. In every achievements we have and success in life we must stay humble and down to earth person so that those people who loves you will stay loyal and trust you. I learn a lot about Linsanity lessons and thanks a lot!

  6. Lin is a great story, as he really persevered despite getting cut by a few teams. I’ve read that he has a remarkable work ethic.

    The family support helps too, and seeing him being interviewed, he comes across as being humble. He’s an easy guy to root for.

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