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After your holiday celebrations and goal setting for the new year, you need to restock your refrigerator, right? For awhile Fresh and Easy has been my favorite place to buy meat. They have reasonable prices and the cuts always look fresh and healthy. They keep their expenses down by using self checkout stands and LED lighting, which is cheaper than floresent.

I discovered one more reason why I love Fresh and Easy. They have ready to eat meals for 50% off. How is this possible? To clear inventory, Fresh and Easy moves meals that expire on that day to the clearance section. At lunch, I stroll over and grab such treats as Thai Curry Rice, Mango Chicken, or Jambalaya for a jaw dropping half price. For those watching their waistlines, calorie information is printed clearly on the front cover. That’s my deal of the day! What’s yours?

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28 thoughts on “Fresh and Easy 50% Meals”

  1. This is a smart initiative by this supermarket. I recently watched a documentary on the amount of produce thrown away by supermarkets, simply because the use-by date had arrived. In many cases the food is fit for human consumption. A bargain bin goes a long way to moving that merchandise out the front door (and through the cash register), than out the back door into a dumpster.

    1. Trader Joe’s got bad press over this practice Hunter. Throwing out food fit for consumption, instead of donating it to local soup kitchens. I hope they changed this practice.

      1. Actually, a lot of TJ’s in my area partner with local non-profits and organizations to donate their extra produce and baked goods; I used to work at one! Hopefully they’ve extended this trend across the nation–it’s a wonderful program

  2. This is a great practice of Fresh and Easy… Hope other supermarkets will follow that simple act but a great help to people in tight budget. Thanks for the information…

  3. That is smart. There is so much waste in the world. Good for FE. I am going to look into buying from them after reading this important info. Important? Yes because there is a savings of both food and money. That is important.

      1. Did someone call our green phone? ;) Thanks for the request to come to Beantown! Were working on expanding, but it may take a bit to go bi-coastal! Currently, were only in Arizona, California and Nevada (though were working on growing for sure!).

        Also, thank you all for kudos on the clearance section! In reply to the note about donations to food banks or other charitable groups, we have made that part of our plan since someone could use that food – though were very cautious about WHAT we donate, since we want to be sure that things are safe for consumption, of course.

        1. Wow Nicole to the rescue! Thanks for stopping by and explaining the difficulties of donating food. Easier said than done. Tell corporate to keep up the great work. Thanks again!

  4. Sounds like a pretty good deal, and decent way to deal with about to expire food (which is a whole other issue; as others have mentioned, the time when the food is unhealthy to eat and when it expires can be two entirely different times). Definitely makes me wish there were a few Fresh and Easy stores here in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio (or that our local stores would take a lesson).

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