Young Entrepreneurs Who Made Millions

John Lee Dumas is doing quite well with his podcast in one year’s time. But take a look at these other young entrepreneurs who struck gold on the internet. Everyone knows about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, but it’s interesting to see how influential names like Mashable and WordPress have become. I’ve seen Neil Patel’s name all over the place and it looks to be paying off as well. In the past, I would get discouraged by such lofty numbers. Now, rather than be negative and jealous, I am positive and happy for them. Success stories like these inspire me to reach higher.

Do you get discouraged or encouraged by this CopyPress infographic featured on NMX? If you get discouraged, why? If you get encouraged, how would you help a person who gets discouraged see the brighter side? Do any of these names surprise you?

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Young Entrepreneurs

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8 Responses

  1. They all saw a need, had the ability to fill that need, and were able to capitalize on it. The internet supplied the environment and pathway for customers. More power to them. I don’t know why anyone would be discouraged by someone else’s success. I may be a bit envious, and sometimes ask myself why I can’t capitalize on the internet, but then I realize that I mainly just don’t have the time, and can’t afford to be one of the many nameless entrepreneurs that lose money. I’m basically happy doing what I’m doing.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    I’m not familiar with most of these names. I’m certainly not discouraged when I see this sort of thing, but I can’t say I’m encouraged either. I guess I’m just mostly amazed at how much money some people can make. I wonder if they set out with purposeful intent on making that sort of money or if it just happened without them really realizing how it happened?

    • Buck Inspire says:

      That’s the million dollar question Lee! Pardon the pun. I’ll add this to my interview questions for the podcast. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get one of these bigwigs on my show. Stay tuned!

  3. I don’t feel discouraged at all. If anything I feel really inspired and motivated. Although I have the same question as Arlee, I’m curious whethere these people set out with the intent on making that much money or if it just happened without them really realizing how it happened?

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Great attitude Marissa! Looks like you and Lee are on the same page. My guess is none of these folks, or at least a majority of them didn’t do it for the money. It was more their passion for their project that fueled them and luckily for them, a lot of people agreed with their wallets!

  4. Untemplater says:

    It’s pretty wild how much some people have accomplished at such a young age. I also recognize how hard they had to work to get there, and how a lot of other things had to come together just right. I try to use other people’s success to keep myself motivated.

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