BI 075: Well Kept Wallet Deacon Hayes Comfort is the Biggest Dream Killer

Deacon Hayes

I’ve always paid my credit card bills on time. When I heard about Deacon’s $52,000 in consumer debt, I was shocked. But what inspired me to invite him on the show is how he didn’t let it ruin him, strategically paid it off, and how he left the corporate world to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you are a fan of Deacon, you will learn

What is Deacon’s all time favorite song? He is my first guest that actually sings!

What is his favorite movie?

What is Deacon’s favorite cuisine?

What was his favorite sport and team that he followed? Heartbreaking story.

Where is Deacon’s favorite place to travel and what is his dream destination?

When we get down to business with Deacon, you will learn

What were his corporate jobs before becoming an entrepreneur?

Was Deacon surprised by the media attention he received after paying off $52,000 of consumer debt?

Did he have any success metrics or a time frame to meet?

What was Deacon’s thought process for making the entrepreneurship leap?

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