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To my regular readers, thanks for your continued support. After you are done with your Fourth of July BBQ, please drop by my guest post at ProBlogger, Ignore the A-list Bloggers.

For all you ProBlogger readers, welcome, Happy Fourth of July, and thanks for stopping by! Here are a few articles you may enjoy. Plus you get to learn a little more about yours truly. Please drop some wisdom if you see fit and don’t be shy!

Note to Newbies

AdSense, Two Cents, Quit Blogging

John Chow Guest Post Pain

Guru Or Gladiator

Royal Wedding, Barbara Walters, T-Mobile, and Blog Tips

Thanks again to everyone and remember to…

Stay Inspired!

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5 Responses

  1. Cool guest post!… I agree, my momentum has only just started and my site began in August 2008!…

    Hit me up on YouTube or Twitter!…

    David Edwards

  2. Hunter says:

    Nicely done. I bet your stats showed a nice bounce the day this was published.

  3. Hi Buck!

    I’m thinking of submitting a guest post myself to ProBlogger, but can’t find any link or even his e-mail address. Do you mind shooting me an e-mail?

    Thx, Sam

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