Viva Las Vegas: Live Your Dream Life

Las Vegas

After a rough week of heated discussions, health concerns, and the usual work stress, I was looking forward to my short road trip to Las Vegas. Since work is finally stabilizing from emergency outages, the timing could not be better. As I made the drive to Sin City, I wondered, “Why do I enjoy Vegas so much?” I am not much of a gambler. I did have a silly dream to be a professional poker player and compete in the World Series of Poker, but that was short lived. I don’t watch many shows and I don’t hit many buffets. I may finally have the answer.

Live Your Dream Life

Where else can you go where your life could change instantly on a flip of a card, a roll of the dice, or a pull of a handle? That is why the lottery will always be in business. The big difference to me is Las Vegas is a special place where you can go for a chance to live your dream life. The lottery is a special fund for that same dream.

Rite of Passage

One of my fondest memories from college was a trip to Las Vegas. It was our first big trip for me and my college buddies. One buddy went bungee jumping. We gorged on the buffet line like there was no tomorrow. I even experimented with many different forms of blessing my slot machines. No luck, but I felt we were in the heart of the college experience.

Moving Up To Marriage

I attended a handful of bachelor parties there and I concur. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. This is another rite of passage and the ultimate get out of jail free card before transitioning into marriage. It is one last hurrah with your closest pals. Although my bachelor party was not in Vegas, my Wolfpack ala The Hangover was with me on all occasions. In my case, I almost felt like Las Vegas came to me.

To conclude, my wife and I have one priority. We are going to lounge at the pool and enjoy the facilities. In my previous, visits to Vegas, there was some stress to hit certain events at certain times. This time I am going to focus on enjoying the moment. I am going to be grateful for my health and my family. Although I have fond Vegas memories, it was always linked to getting away from my status quo. It dawned on me, why go to a special destination like Vegas when you could get the same results tweaking your state of mind? Why chase a jackpot to live your dream life when you can slowly take action and live your dream life regardless if you win a jackpot or not? Isn’t this a tangent of that saying, “Find something that you love doing and you won’t have to work a day in your life.”? Can’t we say, “Live a life you love living and you won’t have to go anywhere special.”?

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