Valley Greek Festival 2012

Valley Greek Festival 2012

Yesterday I took a day trip to Greece. No I didn’t jump on a supersonic jet. I visited St. Nicholas Church where the Valley Greek Festival was held. The energy was amazing. All different ages and races danced together joyfully in the main square. My wife and I enjoyed some sweet baklava and some mouth watering gyros. We also visited tons of booths featuring Greek culture, jewelry, and souveniers. Can anyone say Evil Eye? If you are still looking for something to do for your Memorial Day, you will be hard pressed to beat this. Did I mention it is all free? Opa!

Valley Greek Festival

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38th Annual Valley Greek Festival Memorial Weekend / May 28, 29, 30, 2012

OPA! Join us at the 38th annual Valley Greek Festival for a taste of Greece! Designated a Cultural Event by the city of Los Angeles, this spectacular three-day family event boasts the delicacies of Greek culture including culinary delight, live entertainment, Greek dance performances, a stroll through the Greek Marketplace and fun for all ages.

The Festival will be held on Memorial Day Weekend May 28, 29, 30 at Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Northridge and ADMISSION IS FREE.

“The Valley Greek Festival is one of Los Angeles’ only true cultural events where people can come, experience, and celebrate Greek heritage,”Festival Chairperson Charlotte McCarty said. “The families of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church organize, cook and prepare to welcome you into their home. All of our pastries are lovingly baked by the best bakers in the church community. All of our appetizers and dinners are freshly prepared each day and presented in a way that makes everyone feel they are in a village in Greece.”

Guests can dine on sumptuous Greek style chicken dinners cooked fresh with all natural Mediterranean ingredients and Souvlaki, beef fillets marinated in olive oil, lemon and special herbs & spices and grilled to perfection. Sip on a traditional Greek beverage like ouzo, and satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety of homemade Greek pastries such as Baklava – layer upon layer of finely chopped nuts atop buttery sweet filo dough and sweetened with syrup, or Loukoumades – a lightly fried dough pastry smothered in sweet honey and cinnamon.

In addition to enjoying the Greek cuisine, there’s plenty to see and do:

Listen to the Olympians play the bouzouki and other Greek folk pieces, or dance with one of the featured performances of a Greek dance troupe costumed in the traditional clothing of the islands.
Take a tour of the church to see authentic Byzantine craftsmanship and walls covered in richly hued mosaics. Learn about the Greek Orthodox tradition and the history of Saint Nicholas on your visit.
Continue your celebration of the Greek culture with a stroll through the Greek Marketplace. The avenue of booths display Greek art and jewelry modeled after ancient antiquities in addition to iconography, clothing, pottery and more.
Learn to cook traditional Greek cuisine with the Greek Market’s hourly cooking demonstrations.
Take your kids to the play area to enjoy games, bounce houses, and ceramic painting.
Whether it’s food or fun, you’ll find it at the Valley Greek Festival. As always, admission is free!

Come on by Saturday, May 28, Sunday May 29 and Monday, May 30 from 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm at 9501 Balboa Blvd. in Northridge (corner of Balboa Blvd. and Plummer St.)

CONTACT: Stephen Youlios / 818-886-4040

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11 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    I used to live near there 35+ years ago. We went as a family and enjoyed the food. As an aside, my wife and I just saw a commercial for it and I commented that we went there so long ago.

  2. Shonica says:

    I enjoy Greek food but I’ve never been to a Greek festival. Must be a fun experience! Will have a busy week so will settle for the pictures 🙂

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    These things must run a circuit. There will be a Greek festival near me in Downey in an upcoming weekend. They have it every year but I’ve yet to go. I’d love to go but I don’t think I could persuade my wife.

    We need your feedback!
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  4. Looks like you had fun, festivals from Mediterranean countries are a great opportunity to taste some good food.

  5. I’ve never been to Greek festivals, but have done plenty of German ones. It is always fun to participate in another culture.

  6. I like Greek people ’cause they still have parties even during crisis in country. Is it style of their life?

    P.S. Very similar picture with Spanish people.

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