V – The Ultimate Variety Show Review

V The Ultimate Variety Show

The main goal of my short Las Vegas road trip was to decompress and feel no stress. But when my wife and I came upon two free tickets to V – The Ultimate Variety Show, I had to suck it up. There was some stress rushing to the V Theater in Planet Hollywood through Vegas rush hour traffic. My stress level went higher when my toddler started to get fussy and couldn’t sit still in his seat. In the end, it was all worth it.

Wally Eastwood

Channeling Paul Rodriguez, Wally opens, helps transition, and ends the show with his self deprecating humor. But what he is really known for is being the world’s fastest juggler. The velocity he gets on his juggling pins is amazing. He also adds his amazing speed to juggling hats. He topped things off by combining juggling with a concert. Wally juggled balls while using them to play music on his specialized keyboard. He kept his energy up through the entire show.

The Crazy Gauchos

The positive energy and laughter kept going with the help of the Crazy Gauchos. They combined Argentinian drumming with good old fashioned stand up comedy. I wanted to do the wave, laughed, or cheered throughout their entire performance.


I saw him on America’s Got Talent, but nothing compares to seeing him in person. It is unreal how Turf can contort his body. Women in the audience screamed as he bent his body in ways you wouldn’t think possible. I have to admit, I was screaming loudly too. I swear there were two times when he seem to rotate his arm twice. Not 360 degrees, but 720! I met him after the show and he was very humble and appreciative of his fans. You can’t help but root for Turf.

Louri & Gabor

When these two walked out and stood under the spotlight, I couldn’t help but admire their chiseled bodies. They obviously worked out. After seeing their act, I couldn’t believe how many different ways two human beings could balance each other.


The First Lady of Magic blew my mind with her disappearing and reappearing acts. You will be scratching your head and asking yourself, “How did she do that? and She only had one second to get from one spot to another!” She concluded by sharing her inspiring, personal story. She had an early dream of becoming a magician. She is where she is now because she never gave up. She advised us to do the same and go pursue our dreams no matter what.

The Skating Aratas

I never seen two more perfect physical specimens as this husband and wife duo. You won’t have much time to admire their beauty and physique. They spend most of the time whipping each other around on a tiny stage. You will be gasping and wondering how no one gets hurt or how no one goes flying into the crowd.

Russ Merlin

The best way I can describe Russ’ act is one third puppet master, one third hypnotist, and one third comedian. I was cracking up at his many antics and what he makes his volunteers go through. It is all in good fun and you will come away having a great time too.

Final Thoughts

Many of these acts could be headliners of their own shows. To have them all under one roof really appeals to my combo deal weakness. If you purchase a souvenir photo at the end, you can get the autographs of these amazing performers. They stayed around after the show to graciously take pictures too. I highly recommend this show. It totally lives up to its billing of being the Number One Rated Show in Las Vegas.

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