Unemployed? Game Show Contestant?

Recently I learned that Briana of 20 and Engaged is in between jobs. I also heard from many fellow bloggers that she is a great writer and if you need assistance with your projects, I suggest you give her a try. I was inspired when I read How to Survive When You Cannot Work by Life And My Finances and If You Are Unemployed And Need A Job then… by Retired By 40 as they both looked at unemployment.

We hear about it in the news everyday. Unemployment doesn’t seem to be improving much. This is not to poke fun at one of our country’s top problems. On the contrary, this is to encourage those who are looking for work to pull out all the stops and think out of the box. I was out of work in the last quarter of 2009. Knowing I would be the most positive and upbeat at the beginning of my new employment status, I went radical and auditioned for a game show.

Perfect 10

Living in Los Angeles, I am in the entertainment capital of the world. Tons of shows are filmed here and with that comes opportunity. I learned about an open call for contestants for a new game show. In a nutshell, you have 10 easy every day tasks. It is you against the clock. If you can complete all 10 in the time allowed, you win, ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Many personal finance bloggers have goals of becoming millionaires. Can I beat the system and jump straight to the end game?

Professional Contestant Cattle Call

This isn’t my first audition so I wasn’t totally surprised at the cattle call. (Yes, Buck had dreams of being a star. Perhaps another time.) The interesting thing is the line up featured all walks of life, many different age groups, and an equal amount of men and women. Looks like a million dollar prize is a universal goal.

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

I felt a little out of place and intimidated because the contestants around me were ringers. All they did was get on to game shows! I felt like a party crasher because each person recalled their game show experience and I had none. It was a who’s who of prime time game shows. Deal or No Deal. 1 vs 100. Who Wants to be a Millionaire? I wanted to go home, but since I was already here and had nothing else to do, I stuck around.

Dixie Cup Challenge

They finally let us in. There were a few hundred people. We got funneled into a large room with six tables. We all found a seat and waited anxiously for instructions. Basically, each person has 36 Dixie cups. They were the bright red plastic ones about the size of your hand. You have one minute to stack them into a pyramid. Eight cups in a row, seven cups on top of it, six on top of that one and so on and so on. After you have your pyramid completed, you have to break it back down and put all the cups together in one column. All this has to be done in one minute. It is harder than it looks. Out of the few hundred, I would say a handful of people completed the mission. While we were waiting for our turn, a few assistants went around asking questions about our personality. In the end, I did not make the cut of the game show that would eventually be known as Minute To Win It.

Final Thoughts

I did not make it on the show and I did not win the million dollar grand prize. But what I did get was even more valuable. I now know if my back is against the wall, I am capable of thinking outside of the box to find a solution. You could challenge that this story didn’t help me get a job so it was just a waste of time. On the contrary, I remember this experience fondly and it boosted my spirit and morale when I needed it most. Maintaining my positive outlook and energy kept me plugging away at what seemed like a hopeless task. My audition indirectly got me out of a very tight bind in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression. I landed a contract position a month later.

Stay Inspired!

Special congratulations to Retire By 40 for winning the 2011 Plutus Award for Best Personal Finance Blog For Retirement! Speaking of RB40, we launched our blogs on the same date, October 07, 2010. How cool is that? Instead of one blogoversary celebration giveaway, we decided to join forces for a joint giveaway. Tune in this Friday for more details and visit Retire By 40 to double your pleasure, fun, and chances to win!

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23 Responses

  1. I always grew up wanting to be in a game show but never really thought seriously about it. It’s weird to think about people who audition regularly… with the possibility of winning big, it certainly makes sense. It’s unfortunate though that the parts of the world are simply focused on this narrow goal (if you ask me). Then again, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      This is almost like buying lottery tickets as you do give up a lot of time waiting in line. Many of these folks were probably unemployed or waiting for their acting gigs. Most were pretty big personalities, so my guess there is a double agenda. One to get the big prize and two to get exposure. Who knows what talent agency is watching, right?

  2. krantcents says:

    I knew people who were successful at game shows. You have stand out in some way to be selected. Depending on the show there can be a long process.

  3. I always wanted to be on the Price is Right when Bob still hosted. I was a huge fan growing up and I thought it would be really cool to go on the show. Well I never got my chance. Oh well, too late now.

    I think you were really creative with your efforts and I am glad you have learned how to think more outside the box. I have found removing myself and really looking around for options has really helped me succeed in various aspects.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I enjoyed the Price Is Right, too. I had fears of getting sucked under the Big Wheel though. Yes, Buck has issues, haha. Great advice, sometimes I’m too close to the situation and can’t see anything else. Thanks!

  4. Sometimes I think applying for a job is very similar. You have to stand out in some way. At least we don’t have to dress up in crazy outfits yet!

  5. How come you didn’t qualify? Was it because of the time limit? I know they want people with big personality too right?
    Thanks for the mention!!! I’m looking forward to the giveaway. 🙂

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Like I mentioned before, it didn’t matter if you could do the task, you have to stand out. My personality wasn’t big enough. Great question. I think I’m going to do a follow up to this post. No problem, well deserved award. I’m excited for the giveaway, too!

  6. MoneyCone says:

    As I was reading through your post, I kept thinking this sounds like minute to win it! 🙂

    Buck wanted to be a star? Who’d do the uber awesome reviews then?! 🙂

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Very perceptive of you, MC. Guess it turned out for the best. Since I am my own worst critic, I would have slammed myself, haha! Speaking of reviews, tune in tomorrow for a movie that is gaining some buzz. Think Gorgeous. Thanks again for being an uber awesome reader!

  7. Wow, professional game show getter-ons! That’s like people who are professional Karaoke singers… just seems like a surreal way to live. I guess in LA you get a lot of opportunities though!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Funny you mentioned Karaoke singers. I know we still have an unemployment problem, but it is cool that there are a few people just doing what they love doing. Not sure how good the money is, but does it matter if you’re doing what you love? Same applies to a handful of bloggers who blog for a living. Would you quit your day job if you could blog for a living?

      • Kellen says:

        It is cool that they get to do that, and I am in awe of bloggers that blog for a living. I actually realized over my first year of working that I think I like my job too much to quit and blog full time. I don’t think I would like blogging full time as much as I like my current full-time job. This may change in the future, of course.
        Wow, I didn’t think a year ago that I would think that.

  8. I’ve had a few experiences in front of a TV camera. I’m not a natural, and I don’t seek the limelight. I prefer leaving that others. Congratulations on your blogaversary!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I think we’re similar. I’m naturally unnatural! When I was younger, I did seek the limelight. Now that I am older and wiser, not so much. Thanks and come by on Friday for more details on the giveaway!

  9. eemusings says:

    Eek, I could never hack it on TV – far too nervous, and not a larger-than-life-enough personality!

    I have terrible stage fright; I’ve done a couple of video interviews in my time and they were both horrible. I’ll stick to print and web – broadcast media is not for me. When people heard I was studying journalism, they all invariably wanted to know when they would see me reading the 6pm news. Um, NEVER.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      My friends and I had a public access tv show. Like I mentioned before, I was very unnatural and a little stiff. Guess that’s why I enjoy writing more. Funny, when you mentioned journalism, why do you think people get more excited about tv work than print or web?

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