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I love it when my favorite characters cross over into another tv show or movie. Whether it is a cameo appearance or a collaboration, I always get a warm and fuzzy, kumbaya feeling. For surprise cameos, it is like finding an easter egg. It also has something to do with my love for combo deals. Who would not think this is the best of both worlds? This is probably one of the reasons why The Avengers was a worldwide hit. But is there such a thing as a blogging crossover?

One of my oldest blogging buddies is Arlee Bird who writes at Tossing It Out. We met at BlogWorld a few years back and have supported each other ever since. I long admired his passion for writing and his tightknit community. He even created the A to Z Challenge, a yearly blogging challenge where the participant posts everyday for 26 days straight where each day’s theme is keyed on a letter in the alphabet.

What does this have to do with a blogging crossover? The other day he posted some tips on how to blog when you are busy. I am going to apply them to myself as I am in the middle of my own writing challenge. The beauty of all this is his advice came from answering a reader question I posted to him a year and a half ago.

“How do you keep blogging when your schedule gets busier than usual?” February 25, 2013

Write posts in advance as much as you are able.

I’ve applied this techniuqe in the past to meet my previous Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule. I do have a few old posts sitting in queue in case of an emergency. But I am trying my best to write fresh new content everyday during My 500 Words Challenge. I haven’t slipped yet.

Keep a few non-time-sensitive posts in reserve in case you have to throw something up quickly.

This is closely tied to the first tip. It is also very helpful in creating evergreen content which every blogger should strive for.

Maintain a list of blog post ideas that will help you compose posts more quickly. A brief outline or list of discussion points for each topic can help greatly.

I do have a list of blog post ideas. However I don’t have a brief outline or discussion points. This is a combination of being busy and wanting to let the words flow during my main daily writing session. However, to be more efficient, I may need to employ this tip.

If you are overwhelmed in your schedule, write short posts. Avoid trivialities as much as you can so your readers can still feel rewarded or have something they can relate to.

I’ve done this in the past to meet my posting schedule. But I am guilty of being trivial and may have shortchanged my reader in the process. During my current writing challenge, since I have to write a minimum of 500 words, hopefully this won’t be a problem.

Avoid posts that require a lot of research and searching for links to add.

This is a tricky one. I agree research and searching for links to add is very time consuming. But is necessary if you want your post to be full of helpful information. However, since Arlee is giving advice to someone who is busy, he is dead on. Going forward, I may need to exclude these research posts if I don’t want to burn out during the second half of my writing challenge.

Write about personal topics that can be composed quickly, but still be of interest to many readers.

I’ve done this in the past and am applying this now. This is a win-win situation. As the writer, the words come easier, kind of cathartic, and require less time to write. For the reader, hopefully they can relate to the same emotions that made the story flow in the first place.

Sometimes you might have to cut back on visiting other blogs. This may cut down on the comments on your own blog, but there’s only so much time in each day. You can’t spend what you don’t have without having to pay for it later and time cannot be recouped.

This is a great way to save time, but it does hinder growing your network. Sadly, during this writing challenge, I almost have no time to visit other blogs. Luckily I did visit Tossing It Out or else I would not have landed on these time saving tips.

For more information on Arlee Bird, visit Tossing It Out.

For more information on the A to Z Challenge, visit A to Z Challenge.

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