BI 074: Timelapse Strategies Mike and Euvie Start With Why

Mike and Euvie

When we continue chatting with Mike and Euvie, you will learn

How did Mike and Euvie’s friends and family react to them moving to Southeast Asia?

How do they deal with someone who doesn’t totally understand the digital nomad lifestyle?

How is it working with your significant other?

How online dating makes for more stronger relationships, personally and professionally.

When we throw Mike and Euvie some curve balls to find out what drives and inspires them, you will learn

What do Mike and Euvie feel is more important, Who you know or What you know?

Can people learn to be more socially intelligent?

Did they follow their passion or do something they were good at and learned to love it?

Does Mike and Euvie fear failure?

Why do they want to meet Simon Sinek?

Does Mike and Euvie have any regrets?

What is a typical day like for them in Vietnam?

Is it difficult for Mike and Euvie to stay motivated?


Transcendent Man – about Ray Kurzweil, futurism, and the Technological Singularity

Online dating:
Ok Cupid –

Mitch Bowler from

Our podcast:
Future Thinkers Podcast –

Tim Ferriss – The 4 Hour Workweek
Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich
Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People
Simon Sinek – Start with Why

Dan Andrews / Tropical MBA podcast –
Jon Myers –
Travis Jamison from
Ben Hebert from

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