That’s My Boy, My Plea To Adam Sandler

Dear Adam,

I know your new movie comes out this Friday, June 15, 2012, but please hear me out. You have had a second to none career. Breaking out during your time at Saturday Night Live with memorable characters like Opera Man you seamlessly jumped on to the big screen with such movie classics as Happy Gilmore and the Wedding Singer. Finally you bring joy to the world every holiday season with your Hanukkah song, you have had success most entertainers would kill for. Please hang it up and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Remember Seinfeld? You have to know when to leave on top.

Jack and Jill was your movie nadir, but That’s My Boy takes you to a new low. Not only did you blemish your illustrious career, you nearly destroyed Andy Samberg’s by making him your whipping boy. You also did a number on Leighton Meester and one of my favorite Heroes, Milo Ventimiglia. Milo, what were you thinking?!? The only person who comes away relatively unscathed was James Caan! As always, there were some moments that made me chuckle, but when your increasingly gross bathroom jokes outshine your plot, your movie is in big trouble. This is strike two. I beg you. Please don’t strike out.

Stay Inspired!

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7 Responses

  1. Hey Buck!

    Thanks for that little review/letter thing..I know this will be another hilarious movie. Just by watching the trailer of this film, makes me crazy man!

  2. Ahh..I knew there was a reason why I had absolutely zero desire to see this movie! So sad…

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    This new film looks rather disturbing.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  4. Johnny says:

    Hold on, have you seen this already? I guess you really didn’t like it. I thought it looked kind of funny and I was hoping this would be a bounce back film for Sandler. Guess not. Anyway, I beg to differ about Adam Sandler’s worst movie. I’d say it has to be Little Nicky, bar none, although I haven’t seen Jack and Jill (thankfully).

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Hi Johnny. Yes I have seen his last two stinkers. This one and Jack and Jill. Luckily I haven’t seen Little Nicky so it looks like we won’t agree until one of us bites the bullet and takes in one more Sandler bomb. The trailer is just that, a little preview so it doesn’t do the movie justice. Perhaps planned that way?

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