Take Back Your Life With Unknown

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After seeing the trailer for Unknown, I thought, ok, Taken 2! Being that I thoroughly enjoyed Taken, I thought seeing the sequel, I mean Unknown should be just as thrilling. What would you do if you lost your life, you no longer existed, or worse, replaced by a stranger?

This is what Unknown tries to answer for Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson). It does make you wonder, how would you react? What would you do? How alone would you feel if your own beloved wife doesn’t know you and is married to someone else? You actually would question your sanity! After getting a grip, more questions arise. What would you do to get your life back? How far would you go?

I thought Mrs. Harris was miscast. Call me old fashioned, but she seemed a little too young for our hero. There were some nice performances turned in from the doctor, the private investigator, his old friend, and Diane Kruger. There was even an Aidan Quinn sighting! Just like Matt Damon making a career of his ass kicking Jason Bourne characters, Liam Neeson is doing fine as an older, wiser, Jason Bourne.

Although I did have a good time racing through Germany while Dr. Harris pieced the puzzle together, I was left wanting more. Perhaps I was being unfair as I was subconsciously comparing it to Taken. Nonetheless, it was a good time, but bear in mind, this was a free preview. Would I feel the same if I had dropped $12? That is UNKNOWN…

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16 Responses

  1. Clay Burt says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing that! Nice review!

  2. Mrs. BP and I are doing a 24 hour movie marathon next weekend. We are going to see all 10 best picture nominees in a row. I am thrilled yet nervous about it. Now I have another movie I want to see. This will not be helpful in my paying down debt!

  3. Moneycone says:

    Been a while since I watched a movie! This one certainly looks promising!

  4. Aloysa says:

    Taken was OK to me. Pretty predictable. I am looking forward to Unknown just because I like Liam. Hehe… Nice review, BTW.

  5. uggs says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing that!

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