BI 013: Take a Class, Attend a Conference

Who’s this week’s Listener of the Week? Here’s a hint, he blogs at!

A few days ago, I attended my first Lamaze class. What were my takeaways besides childbirth is a beautiful and natural process? If you are a content creator, I strongly urge you to attend a conference. Here are two of my favorites. Tune in to find out why and hear one of Peter Shankman’s business success rules!

Financial Blogger Conference in Denver, September 6-9, 2012

BlogWorld and New Media Expo in New York, June 5-7, 2012

Peter Shankman

Stay Inspired!

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15 Responses

  1. My wife and I attended a series of lamaze classes before our first child 10 years ago. It was a positive experience and I recall our instructor was equally engaging. It makes a big difference.

    I wish I could attend Blogworld NY. Unfortunately we’ll be packing-out for our move that week. I’m stressed already.

  2. Lamaze’s goal is to increase a mother’s confidence in her ability to give birth and help them understand how to cope with pain in ways that both facilitate labour and promote comfort. Nice topic..very interesting! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. MoneyCone says:

    Ha Lamaze! Where you go from ‘ignorance is bliss’ to ‘the enlightened one’! At least it was for me!

  4. krantcents says:

    That is great you are taking the Lamaze class. Although my wife was an experienced labor and delivery nurse, we still took a Bradley method childbirth class. Our first was 7 weeks premature and only weighed 3 lbs. 12 oz. She turned into a 5 ft. 7 in. very successful adult. Who knew! These classes help create a closeness between husband and wife which is a good thing. During transition, when my wife was just like any other woman in pain, I was the calm, brilliant coach who told her it would only last one minute. I was a hero! It is also great being there vs. in the waiting room.

  5. AverageJoe says:

    Great choice of listener of the week in Roshawn Watson. He has inspirational posts that I always enjoy reading.

    I’d love to get to the Blog World Expo. I enjoyed your recap of the event near you this year.

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