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iOS Version History: A Visual Timeline 2

iOS Version History: A Visual Timeline

It’s been five months since I said, “Hello iPhone 5, Goodbye Old Mindset” and I couldn’t be happier with my smartphone. Although AAPL is getting a nice haircut right now, I thought it would...

My Favorite iPhone Apps 12

My Favorite iPhone Apps

Two months ago, I was dealing with my iPhone buyer’s remorse. I have to admit, I’m adjusting quite well. All the little hiccups were just that, hiccups. I’m getting around the BlackBerry Messenger issue...

iPhone: Buyer’s Remorse? 23

iPhone: Buyer’s Remorse?

I got my iPhone yesterday. I’ve heard great things. Apple is on fire. (Speaking of Apple gadgets and the company in general, check out Money Cone’s eye opening article, Your Returns Had You Bought...