Tady Tote Review

All the baby products I reviewed before were without a doubt for Baby Buck.  I was drawn to the Tady Tote at the Baby and Kidz Expo because it could be a gift for the baby or the mommy!  What’s better than a two for one combo?

Flower Tady Tote

Fashion Accessory

Mrs. Buck loves pink and bags.  When she opened her Tady Tote, it was like Christmas.  Her eyes lit up as she clutched it tightly.  “I love it!”  She especially liked the flowery design, strong Velcro strips, and extra pockets for gadgets.  She was also impressed with the removable inner lining for easier washing and the water proof outer shell.  (You know how dirty babies can get.)  I could imagine her using the Tady Tote exclusively for herself.  But I playfully reminded her it was for Baby Buck.

Pink Bear Tady Tote

Baby Play Mat

When Baby Buck finally got his turn, he grinned ear to ear as he bounced on the tummy of his new pink, furry bear.  He also scrunched his tiny fingers in the soft, fluffy blanket. Since he didn’t cry uncontrollably on his new play mat, that’s two thumbs up from Baby Buck!

Final Thoughts

As I learned more about Sharon, founder of Tady Tote, she believes in killing two birds with one stone.  We were talking about an unrelated topic, but she definitely kept this in mind when making the Tady Tote.  Not only does it serve mommies and babies, the many features listed above make it hard to resist, even for daddies.  Finally, it has been quite frigid in Los Angeles.  The Tady Tote even doubled as a blanket to keep us warm.  Can we say Kill Three Bucks With One Tady Tote?

For more information on the Tady Tote, visit Tady Tote today!

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  1. Cute tote for sure! I have a diaper bag for twins since I have 2 little ones 2 and under. They seperate or connect, which is really handy. But..I love the idea of something for baby too:)

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