Stop Being A Corrupted Artist Buck Inspire!

Dear Buck,

It seems you have hit a wall in creating consistent content. You claim to want to educate, entertain, and inspire. What gives? Let me guess. After over three years of consistently producing what you felt was high value content, your subconscious motivators of fame and fortune never materialized and your Lizard Brain has filled you with self doubt. Am I right? How do I know this? You can thank Seth Godin and The Icarus Deception. Specifically it was his thoughts on popularity, seeking applause and corrupting your art that triggered memories of this very issue spread throughout your life. Ready for a review?

First Born Cute Son

You were spoiled rotten and pampered because you were the first born son to your parents and because you were cute. As an adult you felt entitled and was not equipped physically, mentally, and emotionally to handle harsh reality. It’s funny that Seth Godin mentioned the cute kid, the class clown, and the actor. “What happens when you are no longer cute, the jokes get old, and you are out worked by better actors?” That’s what happened to you. You became addicted to approval (applause), strived for short term gains, and gave up on changing people’s lives and becoming one who would be missed. The art you were producing became corrupted.

Approve Yourself

When you first started your IT career, do you recall one of your first bosses, James? He was a brilliant engineer but had no social skills. It was a toxic start as your lack of confidence needed his approval to jumpstart your new career. But due to his poor communication skills, he couldn’t give what you desperately needed. Remember when you ranted to Burt the VP of Marketing? “I’m doing such a good job, I’m learning so much, why can’t James see that?” You forgot his advice. He said, “You can’t live for others’ approval. You have to approve yourself!”

Tactics, Traffic, and Tribes

When you first started blogging, the number one mantra is “Content is King”. Three years later, why are you more concerned with SEO, blog carnivals, comments, likes, retweets, and followers? You got seduced and addicted to online approval or as Neil Patel so eloquently calls it, vanity metrics. Just when you thought you had this problem beat, the connection economy pulls you back in! You unknowingly sought approval like you did years ago at your first IT job. Now that you know the root cause of your recent content creating funk, stop obsessing about your traffic and the size of your tribe. Cause a ruckus, stop making corrupted art, and last but not least, stay inspired!

For more information on Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception, visit Icarus Deception today.

Your Weirder, Vulnerable, and Better Half

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4 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    Expecting external response positively or negatively may be the wrong goal! I know this may sound selfish or egotistical, but I try to satisfy myself first. I am probably my toughest critic anyway! Generally speaking, my best articles or work are usually my favorites anyway. Occasionally, I am surprised, but 98% of the time I receive the best reactions when I like my performance.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    Interesting. Actually I can relate to this. This book sounds like it presents some interesting ideas. I guess blogging and other networking activity is a process that changes according to where we are in life. Lately I’m just blogging to be blogging with things like SEO and grabbing content as a secondary thought. Time for a recharge perhaps.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Blogman! I hope my post doesn’t derail your efforts. You are on a roll and your passion for blog science is second to none! I just needed to get my own head on straight. Thanks again!

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