Stand By or Go Home

Feeling spontaneous, I felt like visiting the East Side for a few days.  If you want a rush while also saving some airfare, try flying stand by.  (I must add, my traveling companion works at an airline making the savings possible.)  Talk about living dangerously and flying by the seat of your pants.  I arrived at the gate about an hour and a half to get a jump on the competition.  Sadly my efforts were in vain as no one was working behind the counter.  Forty five minutes before flight time, desk workers finally showed up.  My early place in line gave me no added benefit.  Families, friends, other airline workers, get first priority.  If there’s anything left, then we can fight over scraps.  She said they would be printing a list real soon.

The moment of truth, my name showed up in the middle of the list.  One bullet dodged and a few more to go.  My guess is there is still no guarantee that I made it.  It was a pretty full flight.  They were packing us like sardines and one customer threw a fit when she was asked to check in her small roller.  Thankfully, no fisticuffs or mace was needed.  After a few tense minutes, I was the third name called to come up to the counter.  I made it.  New York, here I come!  Cue Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and the Empire State of Mind!

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