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With the NMX speaker proposal deadline a week away, I’ve been in overdrive scouring the internet for tips, hints, and clues on how to make a killer proposal. The journey has been very eye opening as many new skills need to be learned or improved upon. If you are thinking about submitting a speaker’s proposal, check out these links below. If you are interested, here is the NMX Call for Speakers. Hopefully you don’t squeeze me out of a spot, but what are friends for, right? I couldn’t find a good video on speaker proposals so enjoy some public speaking tips!

BlogWorld Speaker Proposal Tips: Follow Directions

5 Reasons Why You Should Fill Out Your Own Speaker Proposal (And Not Leave it Up to Your PR Person or Assistant)

Before You Submit Your BlogWorld/LosAngeles Proposal: 15 Things to Think About

What I learned watching four BlogWorld speakers in action

How To Develop a Winning Speaker Proposal

Don’t Let Your Speaker Proposal Go to Waste!

What BlogWorld Looks for in a Speaker Proposal

Top 7 Reasons to Speak at New Media Expo

Nathalie Lussier on Creating Content That Your Audience Loves, Effective Monetization Strategies and Keys to Getting a Speaker Proposal Accepted at Blogworld

12 Reasons Your Proposal Wasn’t Accepted for BlogWorld ’10

Road to BlogWorld NY: I’m speaking about humanizing your brand!

How to Create Great Presentations

Do you have any speaker proposal tips?

Stay Inspired!

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6 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    Find something you are passionate about because it comes through your presentation. It sounds simple, but it really is that simple!

  2. Dave Hilton says:

    THANK YOU for the deadline reminder.

    Submitted my proposal.

    Now, I have to hurry up and wait.

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    You’ve got a pretty comprehensive list of help links here. Great stuff.

    The funny tip I’ve often heard is that if you’re nervous pretend like your audience is in their underwear or naked. Now that could be a disturbing sight!

    ; A Faraway View

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