Something Borrowed: It’s A Thin Line Between Love and Friendship

As we waited for the movie to start, the host informed us that this movie is based on a book and that there are five of them. NOOO!!! If it’s like Sex In The City, I’ll be ok. If it’s like Twilight, don’t mind me while I throw up. The trailer looked promising with a nice ensemble cast so I was hopeful.

All About Kate

I’ve always been a fan of Kate Hudson’s crazy, quirky roles. But as Darcy, she was an obnoxious, spoiled brat. It was a little irritating, but taking a step back, that means she was doing a helluva job! She won’t be up for an award, but she played the part perfectly.

Ice To Her Fire

Her calmer, cooler, more conservative other half was played by Ginnifer Goodwin. She was pretty charming as a modern day Sally Field. Actually she had a little Rachel Leigh Cook blended with Kirsten Dunst. All in all, a good turn as the likeable Rachel.

Scene Stealer Alerts

Any scene with Marcus (Steve Howey) was hilarious. He was part Neanderthal, part sensitive male, and provided great comic relief. Dex (Colin Egglesfield) is female eye candy. Period. I thought he was a younger Tom Cruise. In other words, borrowing from Chris Rock, Tom Cruise is a filthy rich man’s Colin Egglesfield. Some of the mannerisms and his toothy smile were dead on. My wife disagrees. Check the trailer. What do you think?

Jim, I mean Ethan

I didn’t enjoy Jenna Fischer in Hall Pass because I kept thinking, “That’s Pam from the Office”. Initially I had the same issue with John Krasinski, but he played a great best friend. I thought because he was in a supporting role, the Jim factor wouldn’t be such a big deal. On second thought, it’s because his character was the most authentic and the most normal one of the bunch. He was true to himself and sets a nice example for others who are still finding themselves.

Final Thoughts

Romantic comedies are mostly for the ladies, but I had a good time. It’s the typical two girls and one guy story, but it was done very well. Thumbs up to the entire cast, especially Jim, I mean, Ethan, I mean John Krasinski. Something Borrowed opens May 06, 2011 at a theater near you.

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8 Responses

  1. saw Something Borrowed today with rach…i liked it, though still not as good as the book. ginnifer goodwin was awesome as always!

  2. 101 Centavos says:

    This was one of the choices yesterday for Mother’s Day. Thankfully, and I say that in all selfishness, we went to see “Thor” instead.

  3. Evan says:

    Is it me or do you get roped into some terrible movies lol?

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Very observant, lately, yes! But I use them as learning opportunities. By nature I always say good things in reviews. This is helping me call it like it is. Who knows maybe my little blog can stop the next Pluto Nash!

  4. balyer says:

    I tried to fully grasp the reason why I loved this film, because I did, but I shouldn’t have. I should have despised the characters and the storyline. I should have been upset by the notion that a woman would betray her decades old friend for a man. A man has reached adulthood and is still too frightened and weak to make his own choices. The resolution is neat, tidy, way too simple and completely improbable. These factors should add up to me hating this film. But I didn’t. I quite enjoyed it. It took a little reflection for me to understand why I liked it, but I finally realized it was because it brought to mind the old 1940’s melodramas like Now,Voyager. Emotionally ridiculous, deus ex machina galore, it didn’t matter, they were still great fun. I’ve wondered what those movies would be like if they were made today, and now I know.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Wow, what a thorough and detailed comment to my review. I see where you are coming from. Thanks for sharing. You sound quite passionate about films. Perhaps you should start a film blog? Super breakdown of the movie, please drop by again!

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