BI 079: Social Strategy Podcast Vernon Ross Unlock Your Golden Handcuffs

Vernon Ross

I gravitated to Vernon Ross and his Social Strategy Podcast because of his chill, laid back personality. Apparently I’m not alone as a few social media heavy hitters also felt the same way. I wanted to learn more about this fun loving, part time entrepreneur, his story, and how he plans to make the leap to becoming a full time entrepreneur.

If you are a fan of Vernon, you will learn

What are his favorite songs right now?

What sports team is Vernon a fan of?

What is his favorite movie of all time?

Where does Vernon like to travel to and where would he love to visit?

When we get down to business with Vernon, you will learn

What is his plan to transition to being a full time entrepreneur?

How did Vernon start his consulting business on the side?

When will he become a full time entrepreneur?

Why is Vernon so inspired by James Schramko’s story?

What digital product is he hard at work on?

Does Vernon believe in focusing his energy on one project or having his hand in multiple projects?

Did he hunt down sponsors for the show or wait until they approached him?

Why does Vernon love going to conferences?

Why is borrowing influence helpful in gaining authority and building your community?

Find out how Vernon met top influencers like Michael Stelzner and Chris Brogan.

“Successful people are just further down the timeline.” – Vernon Ross

Why does Vernon dislike Facebook?

What is his social media of choice?

How does he feel about Google+?

How did Vernon meet Gary Vaynerchuk?

When we throw Vernon some curve balls to find out what drives and inspires him, you will learn

What does he think is more important, Who You Know or What You Know?

Did Vernon follow his passion or do something he was good at and learned to love it?

Does he fear failure?

Who inspired Vernon on his entrepreneur journey?

Why would he love to meet Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, and Richard Branson?

Does he have any regrets?

What’s coming up next for Vernon and his company?

Who would he want to play his role in a movie based on his life?


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2 Responses

  1. Vernon says:

    Buck I had a great time talking with you and love the podcast. Great questions and the format is awesome. Keep it up!

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