Sizzler VIP Challenge

I spoke about the coffee challenge and the internet challenge before. Isn’t it time for another challenge? Lately, my friend and I have been gorging ourselves at the local Sizzler during lunch. Don’t worry. I’ve been spending a lot of time at the salad bar so I have been eating my healthy greens.  Last Friday, I was in a jovial mood so I joked with the cashier. “Lately we’ve been coming over for lunch quite a bit, do you have a frequent eaters club?  She looked at me puzzled.  Scrambling so I don’t look too foolish I further explained, “no points club or a stamp card?”

Her face funny lit up, she darted off and said “Oh let me check if we have any more VIP cards.  My friend leaned over and embarrassingly whispered, “Why did you have to ask her for a discount?”  I just smiled as I didn’t really have an answer.  Luckily for me, she found one.  My friend was shocked.  The cashier and I were happy as clams as we made each other’s day.

Final Thoughts

Let’s tally everything up. I have 15% off on any meal till the end of the year and the look of shock and awe on my friend’s face was icing on the cake. For businesses, eating a small up front cost of 15% and inviting customers into an exclusive club most likely will produce more loyal patrons and extra business. Win win situation for all wouldn’t you say? Challenge yourself and who knows, you may even become a VIP!

Have you challenged yourself lately? What is a win win VIP club that you know of?

Stay Inspired!

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4 Responses

  1. It’s great that you asked and now get 15% off. I would not pay $8.99 for lunch, myself. Even with discount, you are paying $7.64 + tax and tip. I eat a nice lunch for around a dollar by bringing leftovers and fruit from home.

  2. Untemplater says:

    I’m on a mini challenge not to buy anything for myself until after Christmas. It’s been tough with all the incredible sales going on, but I’m doing good so far.

    I use frequent diner cards at a few local places that have point systems towards free meals. It’s nice to get a freebie every now and then!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      What a challenge with all the sales! You can do it Sydney! We used a local dining club card too. Did you ever try those entertainment books filled with coupons for the entire year?

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