Set Limits, Be Limitless

It’s funny how life works sometimes. I’ve been giddy over this trailer for months. I was so moved I sent it to friends to hype the movie and I was going to write an article using the Limitless theme without even having seen it. My wife had other ideas. Thank you for being that unpredictable spice of my life! 🙂

After work as we walked toward the car, she beamed, “We’re going to the movies tonight!” I still had some work to do, but that gleam in her eye gave it away. “Limitless?” I knew right away. She screamed, “Yes!” We bolted toward the car like two crazy teenagers. It will be nice to reflect on this post when we’re old and gray. Also, could this be The Secret at work? We both really wanted to see this movie and then, we did!

Ok, let’s cut to the movie. I think because I was so jazzed from the trailer, I was slightly let down in the beginning. It picked up steam at the end so it was a good watch overall. Bradley Cooper can do no wrong. The new golden boy of the moment probably can get any role he desires. Slightly better looking than me and almost as charming, he was the perfect choice for the hero, Eddie Mora. He’s an out of luck, struggling writer who stumbles on a drug that allows him to utilize his entire brain. He becomes limitless or as mentioned in the trailer, the perfect version of himself.

DeNiro was DeNiro. Abbie Cornish (poor man’s Charlize Theron) was passable. But the scene-stealer was Gennady (Andrew Howard), Cooper’s thorn in his side throughout the movie. All in all, an above average movie which begs the question, “Would you take a drug to become limitless?”

I wouldn’t, but there is a better way. All you have to do is set limits.


Earlier in the week some friends wanted to catch up. I was swamped with work. In the past, I would overextend myself and try to handle both my work and my social obligations. Guess what, disastrous results on both sides. My attention to everything was half assed. It was a lose-lose-lose scenario. I calmly and clearly set limits with my friends explaining how taxed I was at work and I would need to get back to them when things settled down. They understood, I was focused, and finished my work. Everyone won.


Over the years I’ve lost many a stomach lining as my portfolio took a beating. I am finally using stop loss orders to limit my portfolio’s downside. I am now less emotional and more disciplined in my trading. On top of that, since I am not going batty on a bleeding portfolio I am better equipped to handle my other responsibilities.


I mentioned before that I was feeling like an insecure ballerina in Black Swan Blogger. So many metrics and so many things to tweak almost overwhelmed me. Setting limits on what I could do in a day and making sure not to lose sight of my health made me a better blogger.

Final Thoughts

I’ve touched on relationships, investing, and blogging, but I’m sure you can find other aspects of life that would benefit from this mindset. Give your ego a break and put pride on the side. Set your limits, become the perfect version of yourself, and be limitless.

Stay Inspired!

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5 Responses

  1. 101 Centavos says:

    “lost many a stomach liner”
    Hah! You and me both.
    So, a good one to go see on first run, or wait for the dollar theater?

  2. anthonynlee says:

    i like the practical approach you took here. i accidentally stumbled on this post doing some keyword research for our marketing. it turns out this movie didn’t inspire just you.
    you made a great article out of that inspiration. a colleague of mine and i actually wrote a whole book from it. the idea was…”what if you COULD achieve that mindstate?”
    so, we teach you how…but not by harming your body in any way.
    the “setting limits” you speak of is very practical, and very good advice…
    but, is it possible to do more?
    our answer is YES.
    i think we can all agree that the brain is a super computer. one that we don’t use to its fullest capabilities.
    well…..perhaps its time to learn how.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Thanks! I was inspired by the movie to write an article. Impressive that you went out and wrote a book! Will visit your website and thanks for stopping by.

  1. March 20, 2011

    […] Inspire comments on Limitless, a new movie which explores the limits (or lack thereof) of the human […]

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