San Diego Travel and Adventure Show 2014 Recap

SD Travel and Adventure Show

Since I had visited many travel booths at the recent Travel and Adventure Show in Long Beach, I was focused on seminars and vendors. Although this was the first show in San Diego and was smaller in size when compared to LA and Long Beach, you feel the excitement and passion for travel by all the San Diego attendees.

Invented by Necessity

After getting pick-pocketed in Xian China, Pick-Pocket Proof Pants, P^cubed Travel Pants founder Adam Rapp took matters into his own hands. He created the Pick-Pocket Proof Pants to stop pick-pockets dead in their tracks. Pockets have up to three levels of security. Hopefully I can speak to Adam on my podcast soon.

For more information on Pick-Pocket Proof Pants, visit today.

Go Eat Give

Go Eat Give

Having already listened to Samantha Brown and Patricia Schultz from previous shows, I wanted to go off the beaten path.  I sat in on a thought provoking talk that focused on just that.  Sucheta Rawal, founder of Go Eat Give made me aware that everyone’s travel pictures, souvenirs, and stories are all  slowly becoming the same.  Everyone hits the same tourist hot spots, but are they really experiencing the place they are visiting? Go Eat Give is a non-profit organization that provides unique tours to a select number of countries. They generally last for a week and offers hands-on volunteer opportunities. Go Eat Give tourists are fully immersed into the culture, cuisine, and music of their travel destination.

For more information on Go Eat Give, please visit today.


Segway Fun

In between talks and vendor visits, I did squeeze in my first ride on a Segway. Don’t laugh as the safety helmet is required before setting foot on one. Special thanks to Trevor and Daniel of Wheel Fun Rentals for teaching me the ropes. I felt like I was hovering on a futuristic transporter like the ones you see in sci-fi movies. The handling is very responsive and I did feel some speed on our short straight away.

Please click for more information on America’s Segway Tours By Wheel Fun Rentals today.

Leon Logothetis

Powered by Kindness

Last, but not least, I sat in on an inspiring talk by Leon Logothetis. He took us through his five month trip around the world with no money and riding his motorcycle appropriately named Kindness One. His passion was on full display as retold some very emotional and eye-opening moments that had me on the edge of my seat. I got the privilege of chatting with Captain Leon a bit after the talk and found out he lives in my neck of the woods. Hopefully we can catch up after he gets back into town. For now, it sounds like we have the second coming of the Motorcycle Diaries, only better and kinder.

For more information on Leon Logothetis and his journey, please visit today.

San Diego

Final Thoughts

After a long day of learning about pick-pocket proof pants, volunteer travel opportunities, speeding around a Segway, and discovering the kindness of others around the world, I kicked up my feet and caught my breath. While resting near the main stage, San Diego travel lovers got great news as the show would be returning next year due to the tremendous turn out. Looks like Los Angeles and Long Beach won’t be the only place travel enthusiasts can spend a weekend getting excited about travel. Welcome aboard San Diego!

Stay Inspired!

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  1. Untemplater says:

    You sure get to attend a lot of conferences and trade shows. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I wish they would bring Wonder Con back to SF. It went down to SoCal a few years ago and never made it back.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Who knew LA was a hot bed for conferences? It’s fun, we get out of the house for some fresh air, and maybe learn a thing or to. Too bad about Wonder Con. What’s the difference with Wonder Con and Comic Con? Maybe it’s a good excuse for you to take a road trip!

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