Samantha Brown’s Plan B

Last week in the Samantha Brown Experience, I was working up the courage to ask Samantha a question after her presentation at the LA Travel and Adventure Show. Students, fans, and PR directors from visiting countries all gleefully lined up. With the Mrs. cheering me on, I jumped into line, too.

Future Samantha Browns

Several free spirited college students professed their love for her and asked for advice breaking into her line of work. She suggested they video themselves and be comfortable on camera. Just be yourself and contact production companies because travel shows won’t take submissions off the street. Good to know.

Inspire, You’re Up

“What’s my best question?” I had a list of questions and was freezing myself similar to when I stock trade because I wanted the one with best return of investment. I narrowed it down to two. Being a husband myself, my initial thought was, “How does your husband handle you being on the road so long?” I opted for Plan B. I shook off my nerves, cleared my voice, stood confidently, and fired away.

The Crowd Goes Wild

After complimenting her on her enthusiasm and energy, I asked, “When you auditioned for your position many years ago, were you going to take no for an answer? Did you have a backup plan?” Due to her passion and fire, I had assumed she would have done anything to get her dream job. I was pleasantly surprised at her response. She originally went to New York for stage work. What ultimately turned into the best job in the world was her Plan B!

Final Thoughts

She joked she could have possibly ended up on a sitcom. The crowd laughed along as I thanked her and returned to my seat. The Mrs. was glowing, I had shook off my jitters facing Samantha Brown and her fans, and learned a valuable lesson. Since you’re not part of the A-Team, always have a Plan B in case things don’t go your way. Who knows, if you’re lucky like Samantha Brown, it may turn out to be the best move you make.

Stay Inspired!

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2 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    Some may say she failed! or did she? She is really good at her “job”. Maybe falling into this was luck? I don’t think so. She was prepared by training (acting) and she is good at it. She may not have realized that this could be a career! I would bet that other opportunities come from her success. The message is find something you love to do because you will be good at it. If you are good at it, you will be successful.

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