Royal Wedding, Barbara Walters, T-Mobile, and Blog Tips

Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not a total blue blood geek. But it’s hard not to get a little sucked into the soap opera, pagentry, and the worldwide media coverage. I got a delicious appetizer before the main course courtesy of Barbara Walters’ Royal Wedding 20/20 special.

Popular Current Events

With the media going crazy for next week’s Royal Wedding, it reminded me of how to improve my blog posts. I don’t like writing for keywords, but if you expertly tie your posts to popular, searchable events of the day, your post might get some extra search engine juice.

Bite Sized Chunks

Now that I am a blogger, I feel I am part journalist and part entertainer. What better way to improve my journalistic side than watching one of the best of the best? In her one hour special, Barbara Walters broke down her story into chapters. Break your post into easier to read sections rather than writing one, long, never ending post.

Unique Perspective

In the middle of the special, Barbara reminisced about her good friend Princess Diana. In the mid 90’s the People’s Princess sent Barbara a note that she needed to speak to her. In a few days, Barbara was there at the palace where Diana vented that her in-laws thought she was unstable. A year later, Diana sent Barbara a lovely Christmas card with her sons and her nieces. I had no idea Barbara was so close to Diana. Remember to provide your unique insight. It may not be as earth shattering as Barbara Walters, but there is only one of you so make your point of view stand out.


In one guest segment, Barbara had two guest experts debating the whole institution of the monarchy. The first one rattled off how expensive it is and that it should be done away with. He joked, “Charles doesn’t squeeze his own toothpaste!” The Queen has 83 servants and 3 chauffeurs. It costs 290 million dollars to maintain. Woah. The second defended the institution. It only costs every person one dollar. This institution is known worldwide and it is critical for England’s tourist industry. In your posts, bring up controversial topics to spur debate from your readers. You will get more comments, which will bring you more traffic.

Laugh Out Loud

Let’s face it. The royal family members are very British, proper, and somewhat boring. Just like how T-Mobile made this popular institution fun, you should inject the same spirit into your posts. Besides teaching a valuable lesson, why not brighten your reader’s day with some laughs? Ironically, T-Mobile themselves are practicing the first tip of relating to popular, current events. This has to be the commercial of the year. For my personal finance readers, they are getting better than Super Bowl commercial coverage for a fraction of the price!

Are you going to watch the Royal Wedding? Do you have any additional blog tips from the Royal Wedding, Barbara Walters, or T-Mobile?

Stay Inspired!

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33 Responses

  1. 101 Centavos says:

    That video is hilarious. You’ve fulfilled one half of your mandate, entertainer…

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Trying my best to be an entertainment provider through writing and finding related videos. If I make video blogs like Thousandaire, then I’ll be a full blown entertainer!

  2. I was really disappointed that video didn’t do anything original besides change the characters. I do love the original wedding dance video though!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I understand your disappointment, especially since you make fun, original video blogs. However, you have to appreciate taking something boring (British royals), like how we take personal finance topics, and making it fun. Plus, those look alikes were dead on and Harry’s solo, come on!

  3. krantcents says:

    I know my wife will probably watch it or the reporting of it. I am not interested because it is over-hyped!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      My wife is all into it. Guess most girls think they are princesses? I check it out for the humanity of it all. It’s crazy how crazy people act at these things!

  4. That dance is pretty good. I haven’t seen the original so it’s pretty fun for me. I don’t know if the Mrs. has this on schedule, probably does. She loves parades so she’s probably into the wedding too.

  5. I won’t watch the wedding live since it’s so darn early here on the West Coast and I have to be awake at work! I’ll definitely watch recaps Friday evening.

    Love the video; some of the parties really look like the real deal!

  6. I didnt realize the Barbara Walters was that close with Princess Di either until you mentioned about the Christmas cards and stuff. Speaking of which you know when the Holidays roll around people start putting out and sending you those videos of you dressed up as some kind of a dancing elf? WHY hasnt someone done that with Kate and Will for this Royal Wedding? Dont you think something like that would be kinda cool for your blog? Talk about trending… AGH kinda to late for that now.

  7. guard to blackqueen says:

    Peasants (At least that is the view of the monarchy),

    They said it before, “Off with their heads.” Everyone needs to help disrupt the royal family and this fiasco of a wedding in hard economic times. Eventually, removing the royals all together. If you do not want to get radical, you can help by civil interference. If people are protesting, purposely get in the way of the police and help others escape. At least give the royals a verbal thrashing to remember. This is your one chance to show the royal family and the world how you really feel. If the protests are successful and laughable enough, nudity, vandalism, mockery, etc, then the royals will be laughed out eventually. Remember that the police cannot harm peaceful protesters. Simply cross the picket lines in droves and block the roadway. Use food; rotten eggs, tomatoes, paint, etc. This is a glorious time for the revenge of the British people against the monarchy. God Save the Queen. Here here.


  8. Andy says:

    Great video! I’m a Brit, long resident in Canada, and I was in England during the Royal wedding. The ceremony and pomp was very well done. I understand the hostility of some towards the Royals and the taxation that supports them. However, I do believe they are an invaluable symbol of history and culture and they do drive tourism. They aren’t any better than the rest of humanity and I certainly wouldn’t want to be one of them – or marry one of them. But I do think on balance they are a positive force in British life.

  9. Kathleen says:

    The video is hilariously crazy. I really want to see the royal wedding but that time I have a class and some task to do in my job so I miss it. Those royal hats makes my eyes shine.. I love it!

  10. ErlindaDolphin says:

    Woah! That was an amazing wedding. They’re so funny… I enjoyed watching the video. The priest is so cute.

  11. Eliza says:

    This video gives me stomachache.. haha
    I will share this video to my facebook account.

    Thanks for sharing this article 🙂

  12. sherilyn says:

    wow this video is really true , the royal wedding is very nice and also the place . i love watching this video 3 times a day. thank for sharing with us.

  13. Regine Sweet says:

    The concept is so funny but on the other hand, it is a good idea! This is absolutely a memorable, romantic Royal weeding! 🙂

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