Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2013

Swords and Shields

It was a beautiful summer like day. I have to admit I was a little nervous as I was finally going to visit the Renaissance Faire. I’ve been itching to go for years, but have always put it off for another day. Well that day is here. I’m not going in costume, but I am looking forward to the passionate faire goers who will be decked out in full garb. More power to ya! God Save the Queen, Huzzah!


First up, Gypsy Jeff dazzled us with his juggling and witty banter. He defied death by juggling fire and sharp instruments. Finally, he encouraged all of us to pursue our passions and dreams and quit our day jobs.

Circa Paleo

Next up I journeyed to faraway lands as a Gypsy, a Keltic , and a Viking. I was entranced by unique and beautiful music performed by Circa Paleo. Jenny explained the nuances of each piece as she expertly guided us along the way.


Food Court

For lunch, I chowed down on a delicious, barbaric turkey leg. It was mouthwatering after I added spices and barbecue sauce. I topped it off with a huge serving of yummy curly fries soaked in ketchup. Don’t worry, I only indulge once In a great while.


Final Thoughts


There were tons of games like throwing knives, axes, spears, and even using a bow and arrow. You could also dunk a wisecracking jester and test your strength against a mighty giant. The queen paraded with her court a few times and I even spotted fairies and demons.


As the fair wrapped up I was treated to an impromptu band performance. Wanderers from faraway lands gathered like moths to a flame as the percussion and wind instruments harmoniously played together. Their energy was magical as everyone danced the day away. I felt brotherhood, merriment, and open hearts. The world needs more events like this one. Interestingly, some people carried mock weapons, but everyone carried a mug. Drinking and fellowship are more important than warfare.

Thanks Kristen for a wonderful escape to fantasy! For more information, visit Renaissance Pleasure Faire and Circa Paleo today.

Stay Inspired!

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8 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    I went to the Renaissance Faire in the early days! I don’t mean the 1300s. I remember taking my children when they were small to Calabasas to the faire. I love that period in history! I love castles and knights and stuff. I keep telling my wife, I want to have a suit of armor in my study. Unfortunately, they are pretty expensive now. We have stayed in manor houses and a castle or two when we traveled in Europe. I guess, if I believe in reincarnation, I was a Knight at one time. 🙂

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Didn’t mean the 1300’s? Too funny KC! It was a fun time. Many of the workers spoke with Ole English. I felt I was transported to another time and place. I missed the manor houses and castles on my trip to Europe. Lucky you!

  2. I went to the Renaissance Faire about 15 years ago. It was a lot of fun, but I think I like the Oregon Country fair better. It’s similar, but with a hippy theme. 🙂 They are both a lot of fun.

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    In my previous job I used to supply costumes to some of the Faire vendors. I could have always attended for free, but never took advantage of it. Probably never will go now. If I were younger, then maybe. Glad you went and had a good time.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  4. moneycone says:

    I’ve never been to a renaissance fair, but from the pictures it looks like a lot of fun! Adding this to my to do list!

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