BI 038: Quality Trumps Quantity Brian Lam!

The other day I came across a video interview with Brian Lam. He was the former editor of Gizmodo for five years and recently broke off to make his own tech review site The Since you’re mostly content creators I’m sure you would appreciate some of his thoughts.  He does not exactly say it but his site is based on only one thing, quality trumps quantity.  Although this is not ideal for advertisers, who are more concerned about traffic, he is sticking to his guns. You have to admire that.  He explains that some of his posts takes 30 hours to create.

I have to admit since time is very scarce these days with Baby Buck, some of my content I whip together in no time.  Am I really providing value or am I just making noise?  For the new year I’m going to adopt The Wirecutter philosophy, quality trumps quantity.  When I first started blogging it was ingrained in my brain that a blogging schedule needs to be stuck to at all cost. With this new mindset, I hope to create better quality, evergreen content and not just write up something quick just to put something up.

Growing up we were taught to grab as much as we possibly can. Now that we are older and wiser, doesn’t quality sound better than quantity?  If you are not a content creator you could apply this philosophy to other aspects of life as well. Do you really need to stuff yourself at the buffet line or could you enjoy a fine piece of steak with wine?  For all you content creators out there I challenge you to create more quality content today. I’m sure it will pay off in the long run because if you have any doubts, look no further than Brian Lam.

For more information, visit The and catch Brian Lam’s video interview over at Gigaom, Former Gizmodo editor Brian Lam: start over, do what you love  

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10 Responses

  1. Pretty cool. Just goes to show that no matter how big of a company or site you work for, it doesn’t matter if you are just another worker in the wheel.

    We just finished the 5,000 words a week Yakezie Challenge. Try it out sometime this year!


    • Buck Inspire says:

      You’re right Sam. I’m beginning to see life isn’t all about being a worker in the wheel. Should really take a shot at that 5000 word challenge. How was it for ya?

      • The 5K Challenge was fantastic! I managed to publish closer to 7,000 words a week for 7 weeks. I wouldn’t have tested my abilities without it.

        Today, I published what is hopefully an evergreen post on 401K management and retirement success. Spent hours putting it together and editing it. I’m confident if I can continue to invest a lot in my posts, others will recognize the quality and invest a lot in them as well.

        Id love to get your feedback on the post.



  2. krantcents says:

    Part of the changes I am making for 2013 is writing better quality and longer posts. My former posts were good, but just shorter. Next week will be the first of my longer posts. I think it may take a little while to determine if it works for me. The bottom line is the audience determines if they like what you write. There are plenty of statistics to measure it too!

  3. Great insight and spot on! Anyone can just throw something up there to have something out there. But, it takes work AND thought to put something worthwhile out there. I can relate to the limited time with little ones running about. I could not agree more that it pretty much can be applied to virtually anything in life. The challenge is realizing that and being content with having less in order to have something better.

  4. I look back at some of my original posts and cringe (granted, I never really thought I’d build my blog to where it is today). I’m a huge fan of quality over quantity, and I hope to bring that notion back/maintain it on my blog this year and on.

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