My wife and I are always looking for great deals. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on I’ve heard and read some great things so I decided to see for myself.


I was in the mood for some Italian so I searched for Macaroni Grill. Unfortunately, no results were found. Since the website provided such a prolific amount of categories and vendors, I gave them another shot.

Tech Gadgets

I recently swapped my BlackBerry for an iPhone and absolutely love it. I couldn’t help but click through the Apple section featured prominently on the upper right side of their home page. Since I already have a MacBook Air, an iPod touch, and an iPhone, I don’t need anymore goodies from Steve Jobs. But if you are itching for the hottest consumer electronics around, click through this section. There are tons of links that lead you straight to the hottest gadgets on the planet.

Social Media

Also featured right above their big name partners are easy to use links to your favorite social media outlets. This tells me that they are quick to embrace and adapt to new technologies. Way to go!

Free Shipping

If you are addicted to online shopping, you need to browse the Free Shipping section. Here you will find free shipping codes for many of your favorite online stores. Shipping fees do add up so don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping when you can.

Final Thoughts is well designed and thought out. I especially liked their promotion code’s success rate. You can also contribute by clicking whether the code worked for you or not. My overall user experience was a good one even though I had above average expectations going in. Besides a sparse dining section, there is something for everyone as their catalog is quite extensive. I’ll be browsing for promotion codes more often. If you love shopping with discounts, you should, too!

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11 Responses

  1. This is a great place to find a discount! I really did use them about a month ago!

  2. I always check for internet coupon whenever I buy online. It’s just a few minutes extra to get some saving. This will make it even easier.

  3. Jeff says:

    Sounds like a really beneficial site. I’m thinking about getting rid of my blackberry and getting an iphone too. However, I could never do it online. I always need that customer support to teach me how to work gadgets at the beginning.

  4. Coupons are really a great way to save money on any purchase. Whenever I shop, I too, search for coupons online. It seems that they are just numerous vendors offering them nowadays tapping on this huge market

  5. Dana says:

    I always look for discount codes before shopping online. I mean if it just takes a minute or two so you can save an extra 10% or 20% why not?

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