ProBlogger Meets Buck Inspire at BWELA

I am exhausted! I spent half the day at BlogWorld, half the day at work, and the last half of the day mingling with fellow bloggers and new media experts. I have to get used to saying new media, instead of social media. Weird. But that’s one and a half days crammed into one! I’m pooped. Special thanks to PT Money, Michael Dolen from CreditCardForum, and Liz Weston for putting on the Financial Blogger Meetup at BWELA. I met a ton of great folks there and time flew by so quickly. I even met fellow Yakezie Jackie (Money Crush) and Kay Lynn (Bucksome Boomer). Will make sure to give the rest of you a shout out after I sort through my business cards. I didn’t forget you! But before I go, I did make it to the final networking event at ICON.

I’ve been pretty busy lately so haven’t had a chance to follow up with my ProBlogger guest post, Ignore the A-list Bloggers. But low and behold, there’s Darren Rowse having a drink and networking. Do I step up to the plate or do nothing? Peter Shankman begged us to “Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone”. Since I’m already on a Business Card Challenge, what’s one more challenge added to the mix?

I have to admit, I circled a few times, looking for the right moment. But guess what? There are no right moments! Someone will always be talking to ProBlogger. I was inspired by So Over Debt and her brush with JD Roth. I was running out of time so I took my shot.

Final Thoughts

I politely interupted Darren’s conversation, said I was a big fan, and asked if I could leave him my card. He was very gracious, shook my hand, and took my card. I concluded by saying that I had guest posted for him before, apologized again for the interuption, and went on my merry way. In the past, I would worry to death about the outcome. No more. I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone, continued with my business card challenge, if Darren decides to swing by, great. If not and my card gets tossed into the trash, no big deal either. I am finally enjoying the journey and not the destination. I hope you all are, too. Time for some sleep.

Stay Inspired!

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43 Responses

  1. John T. says:

    It’s nice of you to go on BlogWorld. I agree it’s a little bit weird to call it “New Media”. We are used to call it social media. Thanks for this post it will inspire other people, including me.

  2. Hey Buck!
    That is so cool that you got to meet ProBlogger himself, plus a few fellow Yakezies. Way to go for being confident enough to introduce yourself! Even as Mayor, I would have been too nervous to say “Hi!” Hope you have an awesome weekend and thanks for the interesting read!
    Humbly Yours,
    The Mayor

  3. Nice – way to put yourself out there. I’m sure it will pay off, regardless of whether he stops by your site. It’s all about selling yourself/site.

  4. Eric says:

    The crazy thing about the “A List” bloggers: they are just people like us! I am jealous you were able to meet Darren, but I would guess your experience is similar to when I met Ramit Sethi and Chris Guillebeau for the first time.

    It is easy to be a little star struck, but they are people just like you and me.

    Congrats for meeting someone so influential. Soak it all in and use the inspiration to keep your great site going strong!

  5. krantcents says:

    Nice move! You stepped out of your comfort zone and succeeded. Each time will be easier.

  6. Rowsey is Australian, so he’s got to be a good bloke, maaaaate. Cool description, you circled like a true Great White. Blog on!

  7. Fortunato says:

    Thanks for this post it will inspire other people, including me.It is easy to be a little star struck, but they are people just like you and me.

  8. Arlee Bird says:

    Nice to have met you early on this morning and I second that feeling of being pooped. My feet and legs are happily sore, but I’ll be back on the floor tomorrow after hopefully a good night’s rest.

    Your blog looks pretty cool. I’ll be back to check out more after tomorrow and BlogWorld is done with.

    Wrote By Rote

  9. Marquitta says:

    Hope you have an awesome weekend and thanks for the interesting read! I’m sure it will pay off, regardless of whether he stops by your site.Thanks for this post it will inspire other people..

  10. sandraw2580 says:

    Great post! This is really inspiring! Thanks for sharing your experience and advice. I’ve check the links as well, and I like it! have a great weekend!

  11. edmond0925 says:

    Enjoying the journey and not the destination. I really like that! Thanks for the post!

  12. Doctor Stock says:

    I wish I could attend these events… so now, I’m looking for sites that highlight the highlights! Any ideas on what you found to be the most practical steps with value you could take?

  13. I was one of the many you handed a card to at BlogWorldExpo LA on Friday.

    It was near the end of the Network Breakfast when just before you showed up, I had 2 people walk up to talk to me about what I do, and we found out that we have some crossover and related services.

    I hope your day went as good as mine (not only did I have a good day in the Expo, but also made some great contacts in the West Coast Franchise Expo going on next door.. both with businesses and others doing services that I do, so we can collaborate and utilize each others services.)

    I will be back to check out your site more in depth.

  14. Neo says:

    Buck, you are my hero! I am stuck in day-job-land and dream of doing what you just did. I need to “buck” up and get some business cards and get out there. I am “inspired”.


  15. YFS says:

    Way to step out your comfort zone! See it wasn’t that bad now was it.

  16. Darren Rowse says:

    it was a pleasure meeting you – I’m glad you did introduce yourself! I hope BWELA was worthwhile for you!

  17. One day I’ll be the super cool blogging big-wig that everyone is hoping they will get a chance to meet and at super cool blogging convention… yep…


    Probably not.

    But BWELA was an awesome experience and it was great to keep running into you 🙂

  18. Ellane Miller says:

    Actually I just hear BlogWorld and it’s great to learn a lot of this thing. Thanks for this great write up, I get an insight as well as it can be my guide. Keep it up!!

  19. @Buck Inspire You’re welcome! You did have a great and insightful post so I should be grateful and I hope to learn more here. More power!!

  1. November 6, 2011

    […] Buck Inspire talks about his adventures at the Blog World Conference. Want to know what did Problogger do when he met Buck? Read ProBlogger Meets Buck Inspire BWELA. […]

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