Pressure Free Test Drive, What a Concept!

Over the weekend, I hung out at the Americana in Glendale.  Things looked quite Christmasy with the lights and the beautiful tree.  What was also great was a Cadillac test drive event.  Guests could try out different Cadillacs in a no pressure sales environment.  My wife and I tried a Crossover and an Escalade.  Both were very smooth with nice interiors.  The Escalade had extra features like automatic runboards, seat cooler, and since it was a hybrid, it automatically switches to electric power if you are slowed by traffic.  After the drives, we were awarded for our efforts with $10 Visa cards.  Woohoo!

My wife and I had a great discussion about why Cadillac would do this.  In my best advertising executive voice, “every company has an marketing budget, you don’t use it, you lose it.  On top of that, it puts their brand in your mind.  I might chat with my friends about the experience and this will put it in their minds.  Not sure if any sales will come out of this, but it does make more people aware of their brand.  Finally, with the gift card, more money gets put back into the economy, which is a good thing, right?” Speaking of gift cards, if you ever get a gift card you can’t use, you can do a gift card exchange. With that said, if you ever see these test drive events, give it a spin.  No pressure, I promise!

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    […] Shopping for big ticket items can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out Pressure Free Test Drive, What a Concept! This entry was posted in Shopping and tagged Black Friday, record low cold, southern […]

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