Pregnancy Awareness Month Skirball 2012 Launch Event

After having a great time at the OC Pregnancy and Beyond Event, I continued the fun by attending the Pregnancy Awareness Month Launch Event at the Skirball Center. Once again, I was swarmed by mommies, babies, and strollers. The water was fine and I jumped right on in.

I’m The Daddy

Being a new daddy myself, I naturally gravitated to the daddyscrubs booth. “Why is it all about the moms and the baby?” My thought exactly! I would never debate who is more important to the equation, but it’s nice to see a company that caters to the other half. They have tons of cool gifts for dad ranging from shirts, hats, and scrubs. Can anyone say Father’s Day?

Expert Panels

For a change of pace I dropped on two expert panels. Ken Cook, Alejandro Junger, and Dr. Soram Khalsa had interesting takes and humorous anecdotes about our environment. Although having a baby absorbs all our energy, they made me realize how we can’t turn a blind eye to environmental issues because they affect each and everyone one of us, especially our new little ones.

Catherine McCord and Dr. Alan Greene shared feeding tips for kids. Catherine’s ace up her sleeve was to make feeding a game so eating/feeding would be a fun experience. Dr. Greene advised to introduce green vegetables with meals so kids get used to the color scheme. If their meals in the future are missing their greens, they would actually want to eat them. We are creatures of habit and kids too like their routines restored. Intersting tidbit from the doc, do you know which green vegetable is the most unpopular? Peas! Who would have thought? I actually like peas, but that’s another story. Finally, Dr. Greene was generous enough to give away autographed copies of his new book. He was quite engaging as a speaker as he oozed excitement and expertise while putting the care into children’s health so I’m sure his book will be a page turner!

Star Power

Lisa Loeb graced us with some songs, showed off her baby bump, and showcased her children merchandise and CD’s. The crowd exploded when she sang “Stay”. Gotta love the 90’s! I missed Ricki Lake who was part of the morning expert panel, but I did catch a glimpse of Ali Landry. She was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. She sauntered by and is taller and prettier in real life. She was promoting her kids clothing line Belle Parish.

Final Thoughts

Last, but not least the Skirball Center hosted a great event. They were pushing their children’s wing, Noah’s Ark. Looks like fun and when Baby Buck grows up, we’ll make sure to visit. With events like these, it makes being a parent easier and more fun. There is always positive energy and a wonderful sense of community between guests, vendors, and speakers alike. Can’t wait till next year!

Stay Inspired!

Pregnancy Awareness LA Event 2012

Daddy Scrubs

Catherine McCord

Dr. Alan Greene

Lisa Loeb

Ali Landry

Skirball Cultural Center

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  1. AverageJoe says:

    Ah, Buck…the good ole’ days when my kids were young. This sounds like an event I would have loved, too.

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