PLUSH 2014 Recap

2014 Plush Vendors

Last Sunday I attended the fourth annual PLUSH show at the Los Angeles Center Studios.  It was a hot summer day so thankfully Cuties quenched our thirst with their juices. Here are some of the highlights for me.

Baby Entrepreneurs

Since I’ve been interviewing successful entrepreneurs, I’m fascinated by people who follow their dream and make the entrepreneur leap. I’ll be keeping an eye on their journeys.

Rosie of Whimsical Charm makes an exclusive line of baby blankets elegantly designed for women who desire to provide children with warmth, softness, comfort, luxury, and class. For more information, visit

Paul of Alphabet Animals makes an iconic set of animal illustration flash cards depicting an animal for each letter of the alphabet making learning ABCs tactical, playful, and fun. For more information, visit

Ryan and his wife of Hugaboo makes The Hugaboo floor seat which is a comfy, cozy way to give babies the support they need as they learn to sit up on their own. For more information, visit

Nifty Balloons

Nifty Balloons

David and Shana dazzled babies and parents alike with their amazing balloon creations. Who would have thought balloons could be so much fun? For more information on this team’s nifty balloon art, visit



I also had a delightful chat with Jose of ubimed and his innovative baby products. Baby Buck recently had a bad cold and I was helping him get rid of mucus from his nose. Cleanoz Easy, a battery powered nasal aspirator, with disposable nozzle tip, would have come in very handy. I then learned about lifenest, a mattress topper that improves airflow and breathability while helping to prevent flat head. For more information on ubimed, visit

2014 Plush Tech Panel

How is Technology Affecting Our Children?

Last, but not least, I sat in on an eye opening talk with Dr. Jill Campbell, Heather Turgeon, and moderated by Cheryl Petran of The Pump Station & Nurtury. Heather shared an interesting study on the affect of Spongebob on kids. Due to the quick pace and over stimulation, kids had lower attention spans and couldn’t perform executive functions when compared to a more mellow alternative such as Caillou. Jill shared that kids who overuse technology like smart phones and tablets are being robbed of their ability to regulate their emotions. On top of that, using technology is addictive, messes with their dopamine levels and circadian rhythm which negatively impacts their sleep.

Baby Buck is very addicted to these devices so I asked the panel for advice. I need to ween him off just like any other addiction. I need to set ground rules like 1-2 hours of technology use per day. Finally, I need to redirect him to other activities like playing with clay or Legos. I will put this into practice ASAP.

For more information about PLUSH, visit

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  1. Rosie says:

    Hi Buck, thanks for mentioning Whimsical Charm on your blog! Your post are truly inspiring, educational, and entertaining. We look forward to reading more.

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