Photozini Review

Nowadays everything is digital. Photos are on your phone, your laptops, and your portable hard drives. The days of photo prints are a thing of the past as most people look at digital albums or share via websites and other social media. I, for one, miss looking at physical pictures in an album. What if you were sitting at the coffee table and wanted to thumb through your favorite pics ala a magazine? The solution is Photozini!

Photozini Process

To be honest, the hardest part of this process was selecting the pictures! You can select up to 150 pictures to be printed as a magazine. You are allowed to select 3 to 5 pictures for the cover (Photozini selects one for your front and one for your back) and you also give your magazine a short title. The Photozini kit includes easy to follow instructions, a customer form, a USB hard drive, a self addressed pre-paid envelope, and a protective metallic case.

Customer Service

Photozini states it takes two to three weeks. I was pleasantly surprised as my pictures were turned around in two. I got an email confirmation when they received my kit and a few days later I also got an email informing me that my magazine was shipped. A Photozini kit is $45.00 and reprints are $20.00 each.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was pretty pleased. The paper stock was pretty good quality and the colors stayed true. However, some of the pictures were cut inappropriately to fit on the page (sliced heads, dropped members in group shots). I understand not much time can be spent on each picture as predefined templates are probably used. I also sent the pictures in order and for some strange reason the order was scrambled. Pictures I wanted at the end were placed in the middle and early event shots were placed near the end.

Like I said, it was nice to physically have my photos in hand. The process was easy to follow and the email notifications along the way calmed me as I waited anxiously for my photo magazine. If you want to give your eyes a break from flipping through all your digital albums, give Photozini a try. You can tell all your friends and family, you’re the star of your very own magazine!

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8 Responses

  1. I also love to hold and view my pictures off line. Photozini sounds interesting. I have used snapfish to create beautiful photo books. Economical and fun to design.

  2. I tried snapfish photo books like Barb. That was great and it was quite economical. A magazine staring yourself sounds pretty cool. 😀

  3. 101 Centavos says:

    Nice article –
    Organizing our many photos is a long-term project, one that I’ll probably tackle once and for all this winter, when gardening season is over.

  4. I have used shutterfly for books and adobe photoshop elements for videos and picture management. They both work really well.

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