Personal Trainer Food First Weigh In and Cheat Day

Cheat Meal

A few weeks ago, I knew we would be having a lunch meeting with one of my vendors. I was trying to convince myself to cut down on my portions to stay as close to my diet as possible. In case today’s cheat day really throws me off, I weighed myself in the morning to get a bearing of where I was. I came in at 154.8 pounds. That’s a drop of over 5 pounds in three days. I felt like a mixed martial artist about to compete in the UFC and cutting weight. Since I already hit my goal, my new goal will be to maintain my new weight.

I didn’t want to waste food in the morning so I ate a thin slice of leftover Marie Callender’s pie. It was Kahlua cream pie to be exact. My mind may be playing tricks on me, but I felt a sugar overload when I took my first bite of pie. Even though I only have been on this diet for three days, my body was not used to biting into so much sugar. I couldn’t believe how sweet the pie was. I thought I was going to get an instant cavity with each bite.

Speaking of sweet, I felt the same way when I bit into some of my Mongolian Beef from my PF Chang lunch meeting. The sauce tasted abnormally sweet. I had hoped to cut my portions down and take some of my lunch home. No such luck as I wolfed down my entrée, brown rice, and hot and sour soup.

Key West Grilled Chicken

For dinner, I had a Key West blend of vegetables and a grilled chicken breast. I purposely chose a minimally flavored meat to try and make up for the slice of pie and vendor lunch. I’ve added two fish oil pills a day along with a chewable Vitamin C, coupled with push ups and sit-ups whenever possible. I’m also doing my best to get more than six hours of sleep a night. Today I will be missing my sleep quota as well. If I am cheating today, I may as well cheat all the way. Tomorrow I will be returning back to my regularly scheduled healthy living program.

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