Personal Trainer Food Fail and Citadel Outlets Christmas Tree Lighting

I thought I could handle a cheat day because of my vendor lunch meeting, but it spiraled into the weekend. I have failed my original goal of sticking to Personal Trainer Food meals for 28 days straight. Going into the challenge, I already was writing off the last week because I would be visiting my relatives for Thanksgiving. As I was planning the challenge, I knew following through on the weekends would be difficult because we like to go out. Logistically it would be a chore to bring the meals with me. As expected, I completely fell off the wagon.

There were some bright spots though. When I ate out, I reduced my portions to half my normal amount. I have been doing some indoor exercises. I have added fish oil capsules and walnuts to increase my fatty acids and Omega 3 intake. I had wanted to keep my weigh ins to once a week, but I thought I needed to see where I stood after eating only two out of four Personal Trainer Food meals over the weekend. Thankfully my weight didn’t pop up and I clocked in at 153.4 pounds. I will continue on as much as I can for my second week.

Citadel Outlets Christmas

On Saturday night, we rung in the holiday season by visiting the 13th annual Citadel Outlets Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Can you believe we’re talking about Christmas weeks before Thanksgiving? The Citadel Outlets was quite festive with their red lights and huge Christmas present display. Traffic was a nightmare going in and out of the parking structure. I felt like we were at Dodger Stadium.

The Citadel Outlets put on a free concert featuring Jana Kramer, Cimorelli, Christina Grimmie, Josh Levi, and After Romeo. The high school and college crowd came out in droves to support their favorite TV, YouTube, The Voice, and X-Factor stars. While walking through the mall, a few young girls clamored over a tall, young male celebrity and lined up to take pictures with their smartphones. Curiosity got the best of me so I asked one of the girls who that was as I had no clue. He was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and took second place.

Citadel Outlets Christmas Tree

From Fox LA, The World’s Tallest Tree glowed brightly in the center of the Citadel Outlets, lit from top to bottom with more than 10,000’s lights and 5,000 bulbs. Marketing Director for Citadel Outlets says the tree is 40 feet taller than the one in Rockefeller Tree. “It’s the World’s Tallest fresh cut tree, it came from Mount Shasta, it drove 16 hours to be here. It is 115 feet tall and it’s twice the length of the Hollywood sign,” Markel said.

Although it is the tallest tree in the world, it didn’t feel that way because, we couldn’t get close enough due to the crowd. The decorators needed more red and green lights for Christmas as it looked primarily purple. But for one magical night, The Citadel Outlets in Commerce had a little bit of the holidays, Hollywood, and baseball all rolled up in one.

For more information, visit The Citadel Outlets 13th Annual Tree Lighting.

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