Personal Trainer Food Day One

Before I went to my office, I passed by Deana and Mary to let them in on my personal trainer food challenge. I have always craved attention, but this time, I thought the more people who knew, the more people I would be accountable to if I slip.

I bellowed, “Ok Guys. Today is the first day of my diet.” Their eyes almost shot out of their faces. “What?!?! You’re so skinny! Don’t disappear on me!” I calmed them down by saying, “Don’t worry. I’m just trying to eat healthier by cutting down my carbs and sweets. Plus I have to watch out for my low good cholesterol levels. But if you see me in a bad mood. You have been warned and will know the reason why.” I showed them some of my frozen veggies and proteins. Mary chimed in. “If you want to eat healthier, just eat these.” She lifted up a sandwich bag of Cheerios.

I made my way to my office and declared to Chet, “Today is the first day of my healthy diet.” I loaded a few of my food bags into the company freezer. He looked at my in disbelief, “Wow, you’re serious.” I smugly replied, “Yes I am.”

Carribean Adobo Chicken

Thankfully I was pretty busy so time flew till lunch time. I popped in a Carribean blend bag of vegetables. The instructions on the bag said heat for two minutes in the microwave. I took it out and then threw in an Adobo chicken breast for 1 minute. The vegetables were still a little cold so I threw it back for a minute more. I heated the chicken for 30 seconds more as well.

Our microwave is on the smaller side so I have to add some time for proper heating. Presentation is key so I carefully poured the vegetables out and slid the Adobo chicken right next to it. I strolled over to Deana and Mary and showed them my masterpiece. They both were shocked again. “Wow, it looks pretty good!”

Sliced Adobo Chicken

The Adobo chicken was pretty well seasoned and flavorful. The mixed vegetables also tasted good and wasn’t soggy from overheating. I paced myself through the rest of the day with lots of water. I had a banana a few hours later to get me to dinner.

Caliente Chicken Broccoli

I strayed a little by snacking on a fried egg. I wanted a little pop for my late dinner so I chose the Caliente Chicken Chunk pack along with some broccoli. The chicken was a little too spicy for my taste. It did the trick of satisfying my hunger, but it may have burned my stomach in the process. Maybe that’s the secret sauce to losing weight?

It might be my imagination, but I actually feel my body adjusting to the lower quantity of food. My stomach was grumbling like crazy over the weekend, but it didn’t make a peep. I’m going to try a sausage or beef patty tomorrow. Day One is in the books. Time to get some shut eye.

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