Passive Income Roundup

A few weeks ago my friend and I debated about income. Are our only options working a 9 to 5 or owning your own business? We went back and forth and went nowhere fast. I scoured Yakezie for some passive income ideas.

Sunil of The Extra Money Blog, guest posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, starts us off with Passive and Residual Income Defined.

The Rental Condo Cash Flow by Retire by 40 walks us through his passive income stream of owning a rental property. Look out Donald Trump!

Little House in the Valley, our Yakezie resident inventor, showcases her Wonderful Passive Income. What do hot dogs, frogs, and flashlights have in common? Find out!

Our ecoEnergy Retrofit by Sustainable PF shows us a unique passive income stream while also saving the planet!

The Financial Blogger shares his 6 Biggest Mistakes for any business. Quite an eye opener!

Dividends, Dividends, Dividends!

I sense a common theme. Makes me think, I better get on the dividend tip and you may need to, too!

The Dividend Guy looks at Canadian REITs!

Buy Like Buffett looks at stocks that pay a dividend!

Have any doubts? Check out Passive Income Earner’s December 2010 Passive Income Update!

Life And My Finances shows us his favorite dividend paying stocks!

Dividend Stocks Online shows you how to make $1000 a month with these dividend paying stocks!

What are your passive income streams? What is going to bring you Money, Money, Money?

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17 Responses

  1. Thanks for the mention Buck Inspire! I gave a few stock picks in that article, and I intend to revisit them by the end of this month – hopefully they’ll work out for me! Either way, they’ll pay a hefty dividend at the quarter! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the mention Buck! Here’s hoping people learn that green WILL save you money!

  3. Thanks for the mention!

  4. Hmmm…right now just real estate as my business is aggressively taking my money instead of the other way around 🙂 I can use some tips on passive income. Thanks for the round up.

  5. Forest says:

    Nice roundup, we are all striving for more passive income!

  6. Laura@nms says:

    Thanks for the round up..some new, to me, sites to read!

  7. Little House says:

    Thanks for including my link in your round-up!

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