BI 062: Oh So Pinteresting Cynthia Sanchez Don’t Just Pin It, Do It!

Cynthia Sanchez

As I navigate through the social media jungle, my weapons of choice have been Twitter, some Facebook, and a dash of LinkedIn. When I heard Cynthia Sanchez left her nursing career to become a leading Pinterest expert, I had to learn more.

Pinterest has been reported to be a great source of traffic. In Sept 2012 Shareaholic reported ”In the month of August (2012), Pinterest sent more traffic than Yahoo organic traffic and is now the fourth largest traffic source in the world.“

Take a look at what Business Insider reported: “Pinterest shoppers, on average, spend nearly $170 per session, according to a study by RichRelevance… which tracked 700 million shopping sessions. In comparison, Facebook shoppers spend $95 per session, while Twitter shoppers spend $70.” Take a listen and learn how Cynthia is not only pinning it, but doing it as well!

If you are a fan of Cynthia, you will learn

Why her favorite song is Panic Station by Muse?

What is Cynthia’s favorite sport and team?

What does she do for fun?

Where does Cynthia love to travel to and where are her dream destinations?

When we get down to business with Cynthia, you will learn

Her mindset when she decided to leave nursing and start Oh So Pinteresting.

What’s the relationship with Cynthia’s “new” boss?

Did Cynthia have metrics to hit and a time frame to meet for success?

How did being an entrepreneur make her a better mother?

Did Cynthia get support from friends and family?

How did she deal with people who didn’t understand what she did?

Why was Pat Flynn and the Smart Passive Income Podcast so pivotal to her start?

How Cynthia’s first client got Oh So Pinteresting rolling.

Why she feels social media is leveling the playing field for small businesses?

What advice does Cynthia have for podcasters and public speakers?


Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Blog

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  1. I also believe that Pinterest has been reported to be a great source of traffic. I’ve been also using Pinterest and it is very useful and reliable for traffic purposes.

  2. I am just using social media for business purposes and just a little part of my personal I attached into it. Social media is very helpful yet be careful in using because misuse is dangerous.

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