BI 063: Oh So Pinteresting Cynthia Sanchez Get Over Your Fear Of Failure!

Cynthia Sanchez

As we conclude our interview with Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So Pinteresting, you will learn

What is her advice for someone wanting to leave the 9 to 5?

Finally, we wrap things up by throwing some curve balls to find what drives and inspires Cynthia.

Did she follow her passion or do something she was good at and learned to love that?

What does Cynthia think is more important, Who you know or what you know?

How is she getting over her fear failure?

Who inspired Cynthia on her entrepreneur journey?

Who does she want to meet?

Why does Cynthia want to meet Mari Smith?

What personal goal does she have and why we should follow her lead?

What is her only business regret?

What is a typical day like for Cynthia?

What is next for Oh So Pinteresting?

What actress would Cynthia choose to play her role in a movie based on her life?



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