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Daniel J. Lewis

Lately I’ve been wanting to improve my podcast so I’ve been listening to The Audacity to Podcast with Daniel J. Lewis. Besides winning a technology podcast award, he also has a podcast on the TV show Once Upon a Time and a clean, comedy podcast, too. I wanted to learn more about this award winning podcaster, his podcast network, and his entrepreneur journey.

If you are a fan of Daniel, you will learn

What is Daniel’s favorite type of music?

What sport does he participate in and why he considers himself a rebel?

Why does Daniel love the Lego Movie?

Why did he leave southern California for Cincinnati, Ohio?

Where are Daniel’s favorite travel destinations?

Did he watch WKRP in Cincinnati?

What is Daniel’s fascination with Ramen Noodle?

When we get down to business with Daniel, you will learn

What corporate job experience did Daniel have before becoming an entrepreneur?

What was the catalyst that drove him to leave his corporate job?

What is more stressful? Being in control of your life or just showing up 8 hours a day and collecting a pay check?

What was the one and only thing that Daniel did not accomplish in his corporate job?

Why does he feel that having a goal and a plan to get there is the best advice for anyone wanting to leave their corporate job?

Did Daniel take and speech training or have a background in broadcasting?

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