BI 078: Network Daniel J. Lewis Define Your Own Success

Daniel J. Lewis

When we continue our interview with Daniel, you will learn

Did he give himself metrics or a time frame to achieve success?

Did Daniel’s friends and family support his entrepreneur leap?

In podcasting, should you stay in an over saturated space or change direction?

How did Daniel feel about his podcast award?

Why does he feel it was more a win for his community than himself?

What is his new service My Podcast Reviews about?

What other service is Daniel working on?

Does he develop products for his audience or does he solve a personal problem?

When we throw Daniel some curve balls to find out what drives and inspires him, you will learn

What does Daniel think is more important, who you know or what you know?

Does he fear failure?

Who inspired Daniel on his entrepreneur journey and why does he not have anyone that he would love to meet?

Which actor would Daniel pick to play his role if a movie was made about his life?

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