New HDTV or Frostbite?

I swear, I was itching for that 40 inch Westinghouse tv from Target.  3am wake up call, 4am doors open, wait for a few hours, don’t get trampled, and take home my brand new tv for $298.  It sounded so good in my head.  Sadly as the hours ticked by and more news reports came in, it was more of a dream…  Southern California was rocked by record low temperatures.  One reporter even joked, we’re getting Chicago type weather.  They showed the Black Friday shoppers lined up in tents with heaters, looking like Eskimos.  Half I was encouraged to join in on the madness and the other half questioned, do I really want to get frostbite?  I must be getting older as the frostbite side of the brain won…  Did anyone get a great Black Friday deal?

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