My Son’s First Swim With Thelma And Louise

Thelma and Louise

A few days ago, we hit our hotel’s indoor pool. My son was pretty excited as he loves taking baths. It was like he was going into a really big tub. He was grinning ear to ear. His goofy smile memory will come in handy during future temper tantrums. I can remind myself that his behavior is only temporary. After gingerly walking down the steps on the shallow end, he warmed up. He aggressively stepped toward the third step that led to the pool. I grabbed him under the arms and let him float around. He kicked his legs and looked like a natural. Sometimes I stood on his side. I held him up by his chest and legs so he could paddle and see what was in front of him.

To mix things up I flipped him on his back and instructed him to kick his legs again. His head laid on my shoulder as we waded from the shallow end to the deep end. I was looking down at his face and his goofy grin was still beaming. With classic 80’s songs playing overhead, it hit me that my son’s life was in my hands. Normally I would be filled with anxiety thinking about my huge parental responsibility. But I was calm and at peace. At that moment, everything felt right. This was meant to be. I would do anything I possibly could to protect my son.

When we reached the other side, we discovered there was a ledge that allowed swimmers to walk along inside the pool. My son gleefully jogged back and forth on this underwater walkway. As other guests walked by, he waved at them to say bye. Two older women entered the pool. They wanted to devour my son because he was so cute. They made silly faces and gave him high fives. He laughed and made noises at them to get their attention. They were visiting from Connecticut with two other female friends. We traded stories about the Las Vegas shows we saw. One opened up and said they were also going to see Thunder From Down Under. The second woman gasped, “I can’t believe you told him!” I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed so I quickly assured her, “Hey, don’t worry. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That’s awesome. Have a great time!”

I wrapped things up by asking their future travel plans. These four Thelma and Louises were planning to hit New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I replied, “Wow! So are you going to earn a lot of beads?” They modestly said, “No, we’re going to bring our own.” These two women were a delight. They were positive, fun, and fully living life. We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. After twenty minutes, we said our goodbyes and they waved to my son. I wondered if me and my buddies would get together for reunion trips when we get older. I really should make more of an effort to visit them. No matter what, I was inspired and determined to enjoy life. I will do my best and go out in style just like “Thelma and Louise” of Connecticut.

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