My New Morning Ritual

Pancakes and Maple Syrup

A few weeks ago when I strolled into work, I felt like Elsa in Frozen moments after her coronation. She and her sister Anna smelled chocolate. I too wondered, “What is that amazing smell?” It smelled like pancakes and maple syrup. I had to see where the smell was coming from. I entered my auditorium and it had been transformed into a make shift cafeteria.

There were flyers plastered all around. It turns out the
actual cafeteria was being renovated. I walked through the temporary food line, the pastry rack, and the sandwich cooler. To commemorate the holiday season or to offset the inconvenience, the AV department piped in Christmas music.

For the past few weeks, I started my day by strolling through our temporary auditorium cafeteria. Besides everything I mentioned, I also took in all the smiling faces of my co-workers eating the most important meal of the day. The wait staff was always friendly and pleasant. The past few weeks of work have been busy, but never more positive. I attribute it to my new morning ritual which I never had before.

Last Friday, I found out that renovations have completed and starting tomorrow, the cafeteria moves back to its normal location. For me, this is a five minute walk to a building across the way. In the past, I would go straight back to my normal routine. I thought, “It was a nice distraction during renovation, but let’s get back to work mode.” I would ignore or be oblivious to the positive change and jump right back to status quo. Why rock the boat and go out of my way to change?

However, since it has done wonders for me, I will continue my morning ritual even if it is a little out of the way and takes some extra time. I never realized how important morning rituals were until now. How can I work this into a weekend schedule or for someone who doesn’t have the luxury of strolling through their cafeteria?

Start your day with an aroma that will stimulate your sense of smell in a positive way (pancakes, maple syrup, coffee, etc.) The great thing is, you don’t even have to eat it. Secondly, listen to music that will do the same for your sense of hearing. It was amazing that a few seconds of Christmas music gave me an energy boost for the rest of the day.

Finally, engage your co-workers positively to start the day off in the right way. Strolling through the cafeteria, I focused on all the smiling faces. But even better is when I start the day happily shooting the breeze with my partner in crime Chet. I get a positive boost of camaraderie and community, all rolled up into one. I would take this over jumping straight into fire fighting or crisis management any day. Wouldn’t you?

What is your morning ritual?

Stay Inspired!

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