My New Morning Ritual Challenge

Good Morning Smiley Face

When the cafeteria re-opened, I had not adjusted my commute for the extra few minutes I needed to get back to my office on time. I started jogging toward the cafeteria and was spotted by Chet. “Are you catching a morning jog?” What a novel idea! I shouted, “Yeah. I’ll see you back at the office!” I should add a light jog from the parking lot to the cafeteria. Challenge accepted!

I quickly walked through the hallways and saw co-workers chatting about our cafeteria’s return. “I finally got my tater tots!” Ah, simple pleasures. I used to love tater tots, too!

Tater Tots

As I inhaled the delicious smell of breakfast, I noticed there was no longer Christmas music playing. To make up for it, I stimulated my other senses. I grabbed a cup of hot decaffenated green tea to warm me up and perculate my sense of taste.

I dealt with usual daily challenges. But since my morning started out great, I brushed off minor speed bumps with ease. As I walked back to my office, a majority of the people I walked by looked miserable. In the cafeteria itself, most everyone seemed happy. It is probably because they are about to feed their hunger. But I couldn’t help but notice the huge contrast in the hallways. I then finally took action on something I heard about before, but never did anything about it.

I challenged myself to smile, give good eye contact, and say hi or good morning to everyone I walked by. There were two huge benefits. One, if I was lucky, I would get a warm reception. Those folks smiled and greeted me in kind. Secondly, if they kept walking and ignored me, my tolerance for rude behavior would increase. In the past, I had very thin skin. Someone ignoring my greeting would bother me and eat away at me. Now I amuse myself with the rude reception and happily stroll on to the next person I hopefully can make smile and cheer up.

Do you smile and greet everyone you walk by? What would happen if you did?

Stay Inspired!

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