My New Basketball Shoes

Jordan Melo M10

My favorite sport is basketball and played religiously for years. But due to age, my creaky knees, and being busier with my son, I hung up my sneakers. Just recently I decided to make a comeback. I was making excuses not to exercise and my body was showing the negative effects. On top of that, the weekly basketball games with my co-worker was great for team building. Since I was out of action for so long, I relied on some old Nike Shox basketball shoes as my weapon of choice. After holding up for a few weeks, they finally gave out as my right sole became unglued. I would like to think it was because of my quickness, cutting, and slashing, but it was probably just old age. I needed to go shoe shopping to continue with my comeback.

I hit a Footlocker and tried on a pair of Jordan Flight Time and a pair of Nike Zoom Soldier (LeBron James). My budget was one hundred dollars. They both were in range, but the Jordans were on sale for ninety while the LeBrons clocked in at one hundred and ten. I liked how the Jordans felt better. The only problem was that it was all red as opposed to all black on the second pair. Not sure if I could rock the all red so I continued my search.

I then visited a Big 5 Sporting Goods and went the other direction as I considered two pairs in the bargain basement. I can’t recall the brands, but they both were about thirty dollars. On second thought, to continue my comeback in style, I decided to stick to name brands.

My last stop was WSS. I surveyed their basketball section and didn’t find anything I liked. I checked the sale rack and found one pair of Jordan Melo M10. My jaw dropped at the price on the box. Originally going for $165, the sale price was $70 for a whopping savings of $95. I was practically sold, but was not used to wearing such eye catching material. The heel plate with Melo’s signature was shiny silver. I left the store. Later that night, as luck would have it, I got an email from WSS. I signed up to their email newsletter years ago at a kids event and it had an additional $15 off purchases of over $50. Sold!

I went the next day and thankfully, they were still there. I was worried I couldn’t apply the discount because of the massive savings already, but the cashier said it was fine. Final tally, $59.94 including tax. I was in heaven!

Last week, I finally broke them in. They were very light, but was a little stiff in the middle. After running around a bit, they were fine. They fit snuggly like a glove. I was comfortable, but felt my ankles were protected as well. To rid myself of any buyer’s remorse, I caught these two video reviews on YouTube. Who’s got next?

Jordan Melo M10 Performance Review

Melo M10 Performance Test

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